SOCRATES chat log RF10

[2018/02/07 20:39:56 UTC] <mike-gv> firefly not locked - recycling power on IF box
[2018/02/07 20:40:05 UTC] <mike-gv> Still on the ground
[2018/02/07 20:42:27 UTC] <mike-gv> ericloew-hotel, I'm not getting GPS lock on the firefly, do you know the remedy?
[2018/02/07 20:43:54 UTC] <ericloew-hotel> mike-gv, it lost lock during last flight, but came back after a few minutes. Check with ADS tech -- I think we share the same GPS signal
[2018/02/07 20:46:47 UTC] <ericloew-hotel> mike-gv, have you checked the firefly status?
[2018/02/07 20:48:05 UTC] <mike-gv> Yes - it has a a PLL lock error.
[2018/02/07 20:48:24 UTC] <mike-gv> I recycled power to the IF box, still got errors
[2018/02/07 20:48:26 UTC] <mike-gv> The 1PPS is good
[2018/02/07 20:49:37 UTC] <mike-gv> PMC730 shows EMS errors, but maybe that is normal with xmit off?
[2018/02/07 20:50:27 UTC] <ericloew-hotel> mike-gv, yes EMS errors are normal in tx-V,rx-HV if tx is not in high volts.
[2018/02/07 20:50:52 UTC] <mike-gv> The checklist no longer has the remedies for problems
[2018/02/07 20:51:00 UTC] <ericloew-hotel> mike-gv, does firefly status show excessive latency?
[2018/02/07 20:51:16 UTC] <mike-gv> Can you check PEI's booklet for info on the firefly
[2018/02/07 20:51:24 UTC] <mike-gv> About to take off
[2018/02/07 20:51:29 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> mike-gv, Pei's write up says that occasional EMS switch errors can be cleared by toggling ops mode or toggle HV on signal. Is this what you are seeing?
[2018/02/07 20:52:22 UTC] <mike-gv> HV on, no EMS errors
[2018/02/07 20:55:12 UTC] <mike-gv> Takeoff
[2018/02/07 20:55:19 UTC] <mike-gv> OK - got GPS lock again
[2018/02/07 20:56:10 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> mike-gv, So you're good?
[2018/02/07 20:57:26 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> I didn't see any trouble shooting on the firefly in the book.
[2018/02/07 21:00:58 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> Catalog images are coming in
[2018/02/07 21:02:38 UTC] <ericloew> mike-gv, there is no info in Pei's booklet re: firefly GPS not locking
[2018/02/07 21:02:52 UTC] <mike-gv> firefly not locked right now
[2018/02/07 21:03:24 UTC] <mike-gv> OK thanks. It did fix itself before takeoff,and then I recycled power on the IF box by mistake.
[2018/02/07 21:03:57 UTC] <mike-gv> So probably it just takes a while to lock again.
[2018/02/07 21:04:13 UTC] <mike-gv> Radar is operating.
[2018/02/07 21:04:13 UTC] <mike-gv> Lidar is operating
[2018/02/07 21:10:44 UTC] <mike-gv> OK - firefly is locked
[2018/02/07 21:10:57 UTC] <mike-gv> No errors now
[2018/02/07 21:16:20 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> mike-gv, We have noticed that the radar looks strange. The dBZ seems very high in the ice and very low in the rain. This is very different than before. The PI's are asking for an explanation. Any ideas?
[2018/02/07 21:18:47 UTC] <mike-gv> ScottEllis-ops, we are getting some power all the way to the ground, but obviously it is strongly attenuated
[2018/02/07 21:19:20 UTC] <mike-gv> If you look at DBM you can see the effect
[2018/02/07 21:19:29 UTC] <mike-gv> Vel looks OK
[2018/02/07 21:19:54 UTC] <mike-gv> My guess is that dbz is just being severely affected by attenuation
[2018/02/07 21:24:50 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> mike-gv, OK thanks. It is so different from what they have seen before there was some suspicion.
[2018/02/07 21:25:30 UTC] <mike-gv> I was wondering if the transmit mode is incorrect - but we are in V transmit
[2018/02/07 21:25:47 UTC] <mike-gv> I could toggle the xmit mode as a test, if you would like to
[2018/02/07 21:26:24 UTC] <mike-gv> We are coming out of the strong stuff, so wait to have a look at the next set of images
[2018/02/07 21:26:47 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> mike-gv, Maybe don't make changes now. Will evaluate after the front
[2018/02/07 21:27:06 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> This is an important area of obs.
[2018/02/07 21:31:09 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> mike-gv, We think the radar is OK, just very different echoes from any others so far!
[2018/02/07 21:34:02 UTC] <mike-gv> ericloew, temps are definitely cooler
[2018/02/07 21:41:28 UTC] <ericloew> mike-gv, thanks, I'll check out the status logs.
[2018/02/07 22:01:59 UTC] <mike-gv> starting slow cal scan
[2018/02/07 22:05:06 UTC] <mike-gv> done with cal
[2018/02/07 22:05:33 UTC] <mike-gv> cal started at 21:57 - see HSRL chat channel
[2018/02/07 22:19:58 UTC] <mike-gv> firefly lock fault again
[2018/02/07 22:22:41 UTC] <mike-gv> starting noise source cal
[2018/02/07 22:25:14 UTC] <mike-gv> end noise source cal
[2018/02/07 22:31:48 UTC] <mike-gv> firefly good
[2018/02/07 22:47:04 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> mike-gv, The catalog images are about 10 minutes behind. The dbz at 2235 showd up but the others did not.
[2018/02/07 22:48:52 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> mike-gv, images seem to be coming in now.
[2018/02/07 22:49:31 UTC] <mike-gv> Scott, tilt error still seems consistently positive - around 0.05 deg
[2018/02/07 22:50:17 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> mike-gv, I have noticed the negative sfc vr throughout most of the flight. Right away they looked OK, but went negative. Not sure why.
[2018/02/07 22:51:14 UTC] <mike-gv> giving a surface vel consistently negative , say -0.4 m/s
[2018/02/07 22:51:32 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> not sure why it would change
[2018/02/07 22:54:03 UTC] <mike-gv> Maybe you can do a matlab analysis of previous flights, see if they are consistently negative
[2018/02/07 22:54:59 UTC] <ericloew-ops> mike-gv, I saw a similar phenomenon at the end of the last flight, but prior velocity looked roughly unbiased.
[2018/02/07 22:56:44 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> mike-gv, I have done analysis of previous flights and found it to be unbiased. This seems to be a change.
[2018/02/07 23:13:23 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> mike-gv, The LDR colorscale on LDR looks great and the image size of HCR and HSRL being the same is very helpful. Thanks!
[2018/02/07 23:51:30 UTC] <ericloew-ops> mike-gv, is Motor Zero Position indicating "set"
[2018/02/07 23:53:39 UTC] <mike-gv> The reflector control is all green
[2018/02/07 23:54:00 UTC] <mike-gv> Which menu is the Motor Zero in?
[2018/02/07 23:56:24 UTC] <ericloew-ops> mike-gv, i believe it is in the HCR Monitor
[2018/02/07 23:57:36 UTC] <mike-gv> heading down
[2018/02/08 00:00:33 UTC] <mike-gv> Actually it is in hcrdrx - and it is set zero
[2018/02/08 00:35:57 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> mike-gv, I looked at the previous flight and found that a small adjustment in both tilt error and rotation error improves the surface vr. This seems different than earlier flights.
[2018/02/08 00:36:50 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> mike-gv, We are planning on requesting an up or down segment for 5 minutes on the return if time allows. This would help verify the tilt error calculation.
[2018/02/08 00:44:01 UTC] <ericloew-ops> mike-gv, there was a tx dropout at about 00:24 did the system report any errors?
[2018/02/08 00:45:43 UTC] <mike-gv> busy right now
[2018/02/08 01:43:28 UTC] <mike-gv> tx dropout 01:41
[2018/02/08 01:44:27 UTC] <ericloew-ops> mike-gv, arc fault?
[2018/02/08 01:59:28 UTC] <mike-gv> Both faults were caused by latency in the max power server
[2018/02/08 03:12:45 UTC] <mike-gv> ScottEllis-ops, I'm not sure if we will get the upwind leg on this flight
[2018/02/08 03:12:54 UTC] <mike-gv> It will depend on fuel / ATC etc
[2018/02/08 03:13:07 UTC] <mike-gv> since it is not in the plan
[2018/02/08 03:13:28 UTC] <mike-gv> I have not talked to the pilots about it yet since they are still busy with the sampling phase of the mission
[2018/02/08 04:16:23 UTC] <mike-gv> upwind leg for radar vel, 04:09:50 to 04:14:45
[2018/02/08 04:17:03 UTC] <mike-gv> Radar velocity check leg, 20000 ft, heading 276 deg
[2018/02/08 04:29:54 UTC] <mike-gv> ETA about 16:10