SOCRATES chat log RF09

[2018/02/04 22:23:41 UTC] <ericloew-gv> ScottEllis-ops, do we need any special maneuvers besides  the "regular" short jogs for the INS?
[2018/02/04 22:24:20 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> ericloew-gv, No, I think the S turns will be sufficient
[2018/02/04 22:26:15 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> ericloew-gv, Looks like you have a couple of gaps for surface scans. The first one is pretty close to Hobart and you might still be climbing. Never fear, there is another about 45 S.
[2018/02/04 22:27:04 UTC] <ericloew-gv> ScottEllis-ops, yes I noticed this also. Alas, no dropsondes today.
[2018/02/04 22:38:12 UTC] <ericloew-gv> lost gps lock on firefly for about 2 minutes; ok now.
[2018/02/04 22:41:58 UTC] <ericloew-gv> noise source cal
[2018/02/04 22:55:47 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> take off!
[2018/02/04 22:57:25 UTC] <ericloew-gv> transmit up
[2018/02/04 22:59:41 UTC] <mike-ops> eric - looks like a clear patch between 45 to 46 S
[2018/02/04 23:03:32 UTC] <ericloew-gv> mike-ops, hsrl control window is unreachable!
[2018/02/04 23:04:54 UTC] <ericloew-gv> mike-ops, started hsrl processes; ok now.
[2018/02/04 23:14:15 UTC] <ericloew-gv> ScottEllis-ops, are hcr/hsrl images getting to the catalog?
[2018/02/04 23:14:53 UTC] <mike-ops> Yes - images look good for both HCR and HSRL
[2018/02/04 23:15:05 UTC] <ericloew-gv> mike-ops, thanks
[2018/02/04 23:23:14 UTC] <ericloew-gv> starting cal
[2018/02/04 23:28:53 UTC] <ericloew-gv> cal complete
[2018/02/04 23:29:50 UTC] <ericloew-gv> mike-ops, recording as indicated in GUI stopped for 10s of seconds; now seems to be catching up. Any ideas?
[2018/02/04 23:32:46 UTC] <mike-ops> That seems to happen a lot - it goes to 0 and then back up to 60 or so. Probably related to the time interval over which it is computed.
[2018/02/04 23:33:22 UTC] <ericloew-gv> mike-ops, a bit scary if you don't expect it...
[2018/02/04 23:34:51 UTC] <mike-ops> Chris says that is to be expected. We can look at improving that in the future.
[2018/02/05 00:26:07 UTC] <mike-ops> Eric - things going OK? We had some power problems in the ops center, just checking in.
[2018/02/05 00:28:15 UTC] <ericloew-gv> mike-ops, yes everything is running smoothly.
[2018/02/05 00:30:02 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> ericloew-gv, surface Vr seems to be drifting, do you agree? Might be a good time for an S turn.
[2018/02/05 00:32:33 UTC] <ericloew-gv> ScottEllis-ops, we did one at about 48.5 south; the plan is to execute one every 30 min. or so.
[2018/02/05 00:35:13 UTC] <ericloew-gv> ScottEllis-ops, executing s turn now.
[2018/02/05 00:36:00 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> ericloew-gv, Ok, thanks. I couldn't see the s turn at 48.5S on the track until I zoomed in.
[2018/02/05 00:37:16 UTC] <ericloew-gv> ScottEllis-ops, yes it's a wee one.
[2018/02/05 00:40:38 UTC] <ericloew-gv> ScottEllis-ops, looks like a pretty rough sea below. Joe says 4m swells; apparently calmer than yesterday!
[2018/02/05 00:41:39 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> ericloew-gv, I was wondering about that, the SW seems wider today than yesterday. And the Vr is bouncing around a bit too
[2018/02/05 00:58:59 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> PHI 15, NE 12
[2018/02/05 01:02:23 UTC] <ericloew-gv> executing S turn
[2018/02/05 01:19:01 UTC] <ScottEllis-phone1> Phi 22, Ne 12
[2018/02/05 01:31:20 UTC] <ericloew-gv> Performing S turn
[2018/02/05 01:50:55 UTC] <ericloew-gv> ScottEllis-ops, mike-ops, should we consider thresholding LDRv on SNRVc/SNRHx?
[2018/02/05 01:55:29 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> ericloew-gv, that is one of our requests for the catalog images. It requires some coding.
[2018/02/05 02:01:09 UTC] <ericloew-gv> executing S turns
[2018/02/05 02:26:45 UTC] <ericloew-gv> waveguide arc in tx
[2018/02/05 02:27:40 UTC] <ericloew-gv> cycling CMU power
[2018/02/05 02:28:53 UTC] <ericloew-gv> waiting for filament warm-up
[2018/02/05 02:31:05 UTC] <ericloew-gv> transmitting again.
[2018/02/05 02:32:15 UTC] <ericloew-gv> executing S turn
[2018/02/05 02:39:37 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> ericloew-gv, Thanks for letting me know on the arc, the PI's were wondering
[2018/02/05 02:41:55 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> ericloew-gv, PHI 32, NE 33 with 9:22 in the 4th
[2018/02/05 02:51:22 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> ericloew-gv, the surface vr looks very negative. Did the drives need to be homed after cycling the CMU?
[2018/02/05 02:52:25 UTC] <ericloew-gv> ScottEllis-ops, the CMU only interacts with the modulator; it should have no effect on the servo system.
[2018/02/05 02:52:43 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> OK, wonder why the Vr is so green on the surface?
[2018/02/05 02:54:02 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> There were some accelerations of the aircraft, so it should need s turns.
[2018/02/05 02:54:47 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> should NOT need s turns I mean
[2018/02/05 02:56:21 UTC] <ericloew-gv> ScottEllis-ops, the bias may be slightly negative, but I also see positive fluctuations. The standard deviation seems a bit higher than yesterday
[2018/02/05 02:57:04 UTC] <ericloew-gv> turning around, starting in-cloud leg
[2018/02/05 03:01:18 UTC] <ericloew-gv> the hcr nose tip is covered in ice!
[2018/02/05 03:03:05 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> The GV crew knows, right?
[2018/02/05 03:04:38 UTC] <ericloew-gv> they're keeping a close eye on the icing situation.
[2018/02/05 03:05:01 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> PHI 38, NE 33, 4th Qtr, 2:21 left
[2018/02/05 03:05:16 UTC] <ericloew-gv> wings look fine.
[2018/02/05 03:07:29 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> Fumble and PHI recovers!
[2018/02/05 03:09:21 UTC] <ericloew-gv> max pwr ~-38dBm
[2018/02/05 03:12:53 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> what does that mean?
[2018/02/05 03:13:27 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> Did we reach max power?
[2018/02/05 03:13:51 UTC] <ericloew-gv> ScottEllis-ops, that is the return off the ocean. No we're still above threshold.
[2018/02/05 03:15:52 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> PHI 41, NE 33. 58 sec left NE on their own 9 yd line
[2018/02/05 03:19:29 UTC] <ericloew-gv> pointing zenith
[2018/02/05 03:25:25 UTC] <ericloew-gv> Some really nice aerosol displayed on HSRL.
[2018/02/05 03:31:09 UTC] <ericloew-gv> about to start sawtooth leg
[2018/02/05 03:40:06 UTC] <ericloew-gv> downward pointing
[2018/02/05 03:59:03 UTC] <ericloew-gv> pointing nadir
[2018/02/05 04:09:33 UTC] <ericloew-gv> S turn
[2018/02/05 04:10:26 UTC] <ericloew-gv> in-cloud
[2018/02/05 04:24:10 UTC] <ericloew-gv> zenith pointing
[2018/02/05 04:40:34 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> ericloew-gv, Nice smooth ride?
[2018/02/05 04:41:13 UTC] <ericloew-gv> ScottEllis-ops, mostly. It's a little choppy at 500'
[2018/02/05 04:42:56 UTC] <ericloew-gv> nadir pointing.
[2018/02/05 04:47:40 UTC] <ericloew-gv> S turn
[2018/02/05 04:54:19 UTC] <ericloew-gv> zenith pointing
[2018/02/05 05:01:03 UTC] <ericloew-gv> nadir pointing; heading for home.
[2018/02/05 05:02:39 UTC] <mike-ops> Eric - apart from the arc fault, have things been working pretty well?
[2018/02/05 05:02:49 UTC] <mike-ops> I don't see any dropouts
[2018/02/05 05:03:17 UTC] <ericloew-gv> mike-ops, yes everything else was solid.
[2018/02/05 05:07:10 UTC] <ericloew-gv> mike-ops, mysteriously just lost motor 0 position after short data drop.
[2018/02/05 05:07:44 UTC] <ericloew-gv> had to rehome the drives.
[2018/02/05 05:10:19 UTC] <ericloew-gv> levelling off at 20kft
[2018/02/05 05:15:13 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> surface Vr looks OK after rehoming the drives
[2018/02/05 05:30:27 UTC] <mike-ops> Seems like a new error
[2018/02/05 05:31:46 UTC] <mike-ops> Eric, I think we should change our procedures to shut down HSRL and HCR as we descend through 10000 ft, so we have time to tidy things up and not worry about transmitting on landing etc.
[2018/02/05 05:32:28 UTC] <mike-ops> The data on the return ferry at low altitude is really of no scientific value
[2018/02/05 05:32:44 UTC] <ericloew-gv> ScottEllis-ops, there seems to be much less variability in the surface velocity when we fly higher.
[2018/02/05 05:33:33 UTC] <ericloew-gv> Possibly due to the larger footprint of the beam equalizing out any surface waves?
[2018/02/05 05:33:53 UTC] <ericloew-gv> mike-ops, ok will do.
[2018/02/05 05:58:52 UTC] <ericloew-gv> arc fault #2
[2018/02/05 06:00:28 UTC] <ericloew-gv> running noise cal while waiting for filament warmup
[2018/02/05 06:45:03 UTC] <ericloew-gv> switching to tx-h for testing
[2018/02/05 06:45:59 UTC] <ericloew-gv> polarization doesn't seem to affect surface velocity bias.
[2018/02/05 06:48:23 UTC] <ericloew-gv> starting descent, noise cal