SOCRATES chat log RF08

[2018/02/03 22:20:21 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-phone> mike-gv: do you have the hcrdrx start time?
[2018/02/03 22:58:15 UTC] <Pei-iPhone> Hcrdrx start time 21:45
[2018/02/03 22:58:22 UTC] <Pei-iPhone> Sorry! 21:42
[2018/02/03 23:04:42 UTC] <mike-gv> getting ready to taxi
[2018/02/03 23:15:22 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> mike-gv, Is the plan to do a sea surface cal in the clear-ish patch starting around 48S?
[2018/02/03 23:16:09 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> That is the best opportunity I see
[2018/02/03 23:28:33 UTC] <mike-gv> There will be no soundings on this flight - AVAPS has a problem
[2018/02/03 23:28:45 UTC] <mike-gv> Should I still do a cal?
[2018/02/03 23:33:04 UTC] <ericloew-ops> mike-gv, it can't really hurt; probably good practice :)
[2018/02/03 23:34:01 UTC] <Pei-ops> mike-gv, you should go ahead and do it.
[2018/02/03 23:34:15 UTC] <vivek-ops> Mike_gv Yes, I agree with performing the cal. We could use operational sounding if they are any.
[2018/02/03 23:34:28 UTC] <mike-gv> We have good cloud for now, so normal ops are good
[2018/02/03 23:43:36 UTC] <mike-gv> Chris I am getting a permission denied error for rsyncing the images to acserver
[2018/02/03 23:43:41 UTC] <mike-gv> rsync: mkstemp "/var/www/html/hcr/images/20180203/.radar.NSF_NCAR_GV_HCR.201802032335.VEL.png.vXK4Tt" failed: permission denied (13)
[2018/02/03 23:44:41 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Likely related to Chris' firewalld changes. Can you still log in over there as ads?
[2018/02/03 23:45:33 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> If so, then it may just mean adding hcr's ssh public key to the authorized_keys file there.
[2018/02/03 23:47:35 UTC] <mike-gv> I can log in fine.
[2018/02/03 23:47:52 UTC] <mike-gv> I see the problem - the date directories are owned by root instead of ads
[2018/02/03 23:48:03 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> mike-gv, Now that I think of it, if it's getting far enough to get the error from mkstemp, it's not an ssh issue.
[2018/02/03 23:48:41 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Is that true for all of the date directories, or just today's?
[2018/02/03 23:49:44 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> I had created directories for each of the dates during the project period to get around this issue.
[2018/02/03 23:49:45 UTC] <mike-gv> root owns all directories from 20180201 onwards
[2018/02/03 23:50:00 UTC] <mike-gv> Can Webster log in and change those permissions?
[2018/02/03 23:50:58 UTC] <mike-gv> /var/www/html/hcr/images has the problem
[2018/02/03 23:51:23 UTC] <mike-gv> /var/www/html/hsrl/images is fine
[2018/02/03 23:51:54 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> I probably missed the chown for the February directories.
[2018/02/03 23:56:21 UTC] <mike-gv> Can you get that sorted out remotely?
[2018/02/04 00:01:22 UTC] <mike-gv> Chris - do you have a suggestion on fixing the permissions problem?
[2018/02/04 00:03:31 UTC] <ScottEllis-ops> mike-gv, coming up on clear section on satellite
[2018/02/04 00:04:32 UTC] <mike-gv> OK - I'll do a cal
[2018/02/04 00:06:08 UTC] <mike-gv> starting cal slow scan
[2018/02/04 00:11:37 UTC] <mike-gv> That was fast scan actually - started 06:08
[2018/02/04 00:12:13 UTC] <mike-gv> starting cal slow scan
[2018/02/04 00:13:26 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> mike-gv, sorry, I turned on VPN to get to the plane, but that disconnected me from chat for a while
[2018/02/04 00:13:39 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> The permissions are fixed, so try the HCR image rsync again
[2018/02/04 00:15:12 UTC] <mike-gv> starting second slow cal scan
[2018/02/04 00:17:18 UTC] <mike-gv> another slow scan to be sure - still in the clear
[2018/02/04 00:17:32 UTC] <mike-gv> Chris - the images are getting to acserver now, thanks
[2018/02/04 00:18:05 UTC] <mike-gv> BTW - all looks smooth so far,I have not seen any dropouts
[2018/02/04 00:21:51 UTC] <mike-gv> fast scan completed - 00:17:18 to 00:21:50
[2018/02/04 00:22:38 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops_> mike-gv, fingers crossed the data gaps will remain gone
[2018/02/04 00:28:45 UTC] <mike-gv> Looking at ac georef stats,tilt error seems about 0.050 deg
[2018/02/04 00:31:20 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops_> mike-gv, Beware those numbers. From surface Vr's right after the scanning, it looks like the INS has drifted.
[2018/02/04 00:31:26 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops_> Another s-turn might help.
[2018/02/04 00:31:44 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops_> Looks like you're doing one now...
[2018/02/04 00:37:43 UTC] <mike-gv> Yes - just noting. I'm not changing anything.
[2018/02/04 00:38:08 UTC] <mike-gv> They have done 2 s turns so far
[2018/02/04 00:38:24 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops_> OK. From here it looks like the s-turn cleared it up.
[2018/02/04 01:19:51 UTC] <mike-gv> pointing up at PI request for liquid in cloud above
[2018/02/04 01:21:19 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops_> mike-gv, The 01:10 HSRL images have lots of drops. Can you check that HawkEye instance and/or the associated logs?
[2018/02/04 01:25:02 UTC] <mike-gv> Pointing down
[2018/02/04 01:32:14 UTC] <mike-gv> I noticed that. The catalog HawkEye instances were taking a lot of memory and there is only 16 GB on that machine.
[2018/02/04 01:32:43 UTC] <mike-gv> So I activated the cron to restart those HawkEye instances once per hour.
[2018/02/04 01:32:47 UTC] <mike-gv> It seems better now.
[2018/02/04 01:33:14 UTC] <mike-gv> Also, I did the same on HCR,  restart HawkEye for the catalog once per hour
[2018/02/04 01:33:35 UTC] <mike-gv> I have not seen any drops on the HCR yet
[2018/02/04 01:35:45 UTC] <mike-gv> HSRL archiver was swapping so perhaps that was the problem
[2018/02/04 01:58:24 UTC] <mike-gv> starting descent
[2018/02/04 02:05:51 UTC] <mike-gv> 1000 ft above cloud tops
[2018/02/04 02:32:27 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops_> really nice up/downdraft couplet in the image at 01:37
[2018/02/04 03:12:32 UTC] <mike-gv> pointing up
[2018/02/04 03:22:21 UTC] <mike-gv> starting climb from 500ft
[2018/02/04 03:28:27 UTC] <mike-gv> pointing down
[2018/02/04 04:31:37 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops_> mike-gv, Nice data. People are really enjoying the images down here.
[2018/02/04 04:36:17 UTC] <mike-gv> So far no drop outs in HCR. I am saving data to both drives.
[2018/02/04 04:38:50 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops_> So the newly added drive is presumably writing 100% of the time
[2018/02/04 04:43:23 UTC] <mike-gv> No, I started with both drives. Not good to add a drive later.
[2018/02/04 05:35:42 UTC] <mike-gv> This is the last in-cloud leg.
[2018/02/04 05:35:59 UTC] <mike-gv> After this we will climb up and return
[2018/02/04 05:36:14 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops_> Wow, you've been doing a lot of actual science sampling. Looks like a great flight.
[2018/02/04 05:42:51 UTC] <mike-gv> Yes we sampled for 12 deg latitude - about 720 nm
[2018/02/04 05:43:08 UTC] <mike-gv> final climb