SOCRATES chat log RF07

[2018/01/31 00:37:44 UTC] <Pei-gv> Notice FireFly PLL Lock error: phase offset > 250ns
[2018/01/31 00:39:08 UTC] <Pei-gv> Should compare the transmitter variable values with the previous flights. Haven't seen the cathode voltage swing above 7.1kV. Maybe the connection checks actually helped?
[2018/01/31 00:47:39 UTC] <Pei-gv> FIL ON
[2018/01/31 00:49:52 UTC] <Pei-gv> engine start
[2018/01/31 00:52:51 UTC] <Pei-gv> HV ON
[2018/01/31 00:53:02 UTC] <Pei-gv> ops mode change
[2018/01/31 00:53:10 UTC] <Pei-gv> start transmission
[2018/01/31 00:55:05 UTC] <Pei-gv> How about that?! We read 16.1 kV now on transmitter Cathode voltage
[2018/01/31 01:01:23 UTC] <Pei-gv> Can't believe how beautiful the cathode voltage read...
[2018/01/31 01:01:33 UTC] <vivek-ops> Pie, Good back to the nominal Tx power
[2018/01/31 01:02:03 UTC] <Pei-gv> vivek-ops, apparently we never really have transmit power issue. It's false telemetry reading
[2018/01/31 01:03:01 UTC] <Pei-gv> NADIR POINTING
[2018/01/31 01:05:59 UTC] <Pei-gv> the velocity is a grey line.
[2018/01/31 01:07:00 UTC] <Pei-gv> FireFly error clears
[2018/01/31 01:11:00 UTC] <Pei-gv> ChrisBurghart-phone, I am seeing practically no traffice on em1. Is this what you would expect?
[2018/01/31 01:25:01 UTC] <Pei-gv> ChrisBurghart-phone2, how did you decide on when to drop sonde? did you have all clear conditions?
[2018/01/31 01:25:27 UTC] <Pei-gv> I see quite a few scattered clouds here and there. It looks impossible to get a 6 min window
[2018/01/31 01:25:46 UTC] <Pei-gv> I am seeing the most 30 second window
[2018/01/31 01:27:40 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-phone2> Pei-gv: if all you get is brief windows, then it shouldn't matter much when you drop. I don't think a brief in-cloud for the sonde will change things much
[2018/01/31 01:28:47 UTC] <Pei-gv> ChrisBurghart-phone2, I understand it should not matter for the sonde. But if there are scattered clouds in my radar paths. It's hard to estmate the path attenuation.
[2018/01/31 01:28:53 UTC] <Pei-gv> that's what I am worry about.
[2018/01/31 01:29:10 UTC] <Pei-gv> I don't think the sonde cares.
[2018/01/31 01:30:18 UTC] <Pei-gv> ChrisBurghart-phone2, alright. I got info from Andrew/ground that it doesn't look better on return ferry. And we have two extra sonde today. So I may go ahead and try it soon
[2018/01/31 01:30:21 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-phone2> I say drop the sonde and do a scan. The satellite looks like patchy clouds is the clearest well get today.
[2018/01/31 01:31:53 UTC] <Pei-gv> request sonde load
[2018/01/31 01:34:41 UTC] <Pei-gv> Surface scan can be a challenge!
[2018/01/31 01:37:19 UTC] <Pei-gv> sonde dropped
[2018/01/31 01:37:26 UTC] <Pei-gv> started fast scan
[2018/01/31 01:39:24 UTC] <Pei-gv> Fast scan contains cloud echo in the 3.5 minute period
[2018/01/31 01:40:06 UTC] <Pei-gv> another set of clouds in scan
[2018/01/31 01:42:03 UTC] <Pei-gv> stop
[2018/01/31 01:42:13 UTC] <Pei-gv> start slow scan 1
[2018/01/31 01:42:52 UTC] <Pei-gv> point
[2018/01/31 01:43:01 UTC] <Pei-gv> slow scan 2
[2018/01/31 01:43:56 UTC] <Pei-gv> point
[2018/01/31 01:44:08 UTC] <Pei-gv> second attemp fast scan
[2018/01/31 01:45:11 UTC] <Pei-gv> mistaken and scan twice. back on fast scan track
[2018/01/31 01:45:20 UTC] <Pei-gv> Had to home the drives and start over.
[2018/01/31 01:45:40 UTC] <Pei-gv> This event triggerd ALL EMS ERRORS.
[2018/01/31 01:45:50 UTC] <Pei-gv> can be confusing/misleading to operator
[2018/01/31 01:46:03 UTC] <Pei-gv> nadir point
[2018/01/31 01:46:17 UTC] <Pei-gv> give up on the scans. Too cloudy
[2018/01/31 01:49:39 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-phone2> Pei-gv: Understood. If only some of the rays are going through cloud, though, they should stand out due to lower return, with the possibility of filtering them out.
[2018/01/31 01:52:24 UTC] <Pei-gv> ChrisBurghart-phone2, agreed. Just don't know if the existing code is really that smart. And this knowledge will need to be provided to the data analyzer to be aware of the situation
[2018/01/31 01:53:20 UTC] <Pei-gv> Great transmitter values. 16.1kV, 0.6 mA body current, 3.4 mA collector current. Beautiful !
[2018/01/31 01:54:14 UTC] <Pei-gv> Looks like we passed the HCR 45 minute (into flight). Looking forward to all issues showing up.
[2018/01/31 01:54:51 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Pei-gv, I hope not. The 2nd Ethernet will fix *everything*.
[2018/01/31 01:59:45 UTC] <Pei-gv> ChrisBurghart-ops, historically, we start seeing gap issues when? I think we will see some by 1 hour mark?
[2018/01/31 02:00:13 UTC] <Pei-gv> Would like to start adding HSRL HawkEye back in the picture
[2018/01/31 02:00:24 UTC] <Pei-gv> If I am ever so brave...
[2018/01/31 02:00:30 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> It seems to me they can show up at any time, but probably with higher frequency after a long time.
[2018/01/31 02:01:05 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> I just went through the catalog images for today, and didn't see any gaps. I take that as a good sign.
[2018/01/31 02:02:41 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Pei-gv, I would ask for holding off on the HSRL HawkEye for a while longer, but would be willing to try it out in an hour.
[2018/01/31 02:05:29 UTC] <Pei-gv> ChrisBurghart-ops, Did I see a gap at 01:56??
[2018/01/31 02:06:18 UTC] <Pei-gv> ChrisBurghart-ops, yep. Just checked the HcrMonitor. HV off event
[2018/01/31 02:06:35 UTC] <Pei-gv> Max power latency
[2018/01/31 02:07:23 UTC] <Pei-gv> surface velocity seem a bit more negative than the beginning of flight. Willing to wait for a little longer.
[2018/01/31 02:08:08 UTC] <Pei-gv> INS1 just dropped out!
[2018/01/31 02:08:13 UTC] <Pei-gv> what do I do now?
[2018/01/31 02:08:15 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Yes, I just got to the image with the 5s gap at 01:56:50.
[2018/01/31 02:08:38 UTC] <Pei-gv> I lost INS 1 completely
[2018/01/31 02:08:53 UTC] <Pei-gv> can I restart daemon?
[2018/01/31 02:09:12 UTC] <Pei-gv> switch to INS2 and back on transmission
[2018/01/31 02:09:17 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Tail the INS 1 log. I'll give you the file name in a sec.
[2018/01/31 02:10:27 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> On rds, the file is projDir/logs/status/today/cmigitsDaemon.ins1.log
[2018/01/31 02:10:39 UTC] <Pei-gv> 02:09:10 3500 time initialization?
[2018/01/31 02:11:06 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Sounds like it has communication and is trying to reconfigure
[2018/01/31 02:11:27 UTC] <Pei-gv> it starts again
[2018/01/31 02:11:28 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Do a "tail -f" on the file and see if it's spewing new stuff
[2018/01/31 02:12:14 UTC] <Pei-gv> ins 1 in air alignment
[2018/01/31 02:12:25 UTC] <Pei-gv> I am getting the same issue as yesterday now
[2018/01/31 02:12:33 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> OK, that's what it's supposed to do. It'll be back shortly.
[2018/01/31 02:12:39 UTC] <Pei-gv> I switched to INS2 though
[2018/01/31 02:13:47 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> That's fine. On the whole, INS1's serial line has been more reliable, though, so it may be good to switch back once INS1 is up.
[2018/01/31 02:14:12 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Look at the diffs and make sure they agree reasonably well before switching back, though
[2018/01/31 02:15:01 UTC] <Pei-gv> So the software doesn't stop the radar from transmission in this case. (?)
[2018/01/31 02:15:58 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Pei-gv, Unfortunately, the "lots of drops" issue will come up if either of the INSs is trying to reconfigure, whether it's the in-use INS or not.
[2018/01/31 02:17:41 UTC] <Pei-gv> switched back to INS1
[2018/01/31 02:17:49 UTC] <Pei-gv> difference minimum
[2018/01/31 02:18:09 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> w.r.t. still transmitting: I don't think it's unsafe to have that continue while the INS is reconfiguring
[2018/01/31 02:18:55 UTC] <Pei-gv> attempt second fast scan
[2018/01/31 02:18:58 UTC] <Pei-gv> sonde 3 just dropped
[2018/01/31 02:19:47 UTC] <Pei-gv> another gap 02:19
[2018/01/31 02:20:21 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Pei-gv, can you do an atop on archiver and see the usage numbers for em1 and em2?
[2018/01/31 02:20:51 UTC] <Pei-gv> ChrisBurghart-ops, I have been watching. it's like 0% on EM1
[2018/01/31 02:21:07 UTC] <Pei-gv> unless it is not working the way we think it's working?
[2018/01/31 02:21:13 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> and still 50-60% on em2
[2018/01/31 02:21:26 UTC] <Pei-gv> ChrisBurghart-ops, yes. 53% pretty steady
[2018/01/31 02:22:39 UTC] <Pei-gv> slow scan 1
[2018/01/31 02:22:57 UTC] <Pei-gv> getting cloud in range
[2018/01/31 02:23:28 UTC] <Pei-gv> slow scan 2
[2018/01/31 02:23:34 UTC] <Pei-gv> still clouds in range
[2018/01/31 02:23:44 UTC] <Pei-gv> going to do it anyway for completeness
[2018/01/31 02:24:09 UTC] <Pei-gv> nadir pointing
[2018/01/31 02:24:27 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Yes, please finish. It could provide us a case to test whether we can separate cloud-contaminated beams.
[2018/01/31 02:25:09 UTC] <Pei-gv> ChrisBurghart-ops, scratch on the HSRL HawkEye Tests. we have our lovely gaps back
[2018/01/31 02:26:50 UTC] <Pei-gv> ChrisBurghart-ops, just checked the catalog data. The entire episode takes about 9 minutes.
[2018/01/31 02:26:58 UTC] <Pei-gv> We need to make this shorter.
[2018/01/31 02:27:33 UTC] <Pei-gv> I don't think we want to lose 8 minutes of data if we are profiling.
[2018/01/31 02:28:21 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Pei-gv, Normally the SDN500 is up and running in a few minutes. I'll have to look at the log to see if the issue was related to doing an air alignment or possibly something else.
[2018/01/31 02:28:22 UTC] <Pei-gv> Maybe we should sacrafice one INS data to buy us time/data?
[2018/01/31 02:29:15 UTC] <Pei-gv> I think because we had a slight turn right before the surface cal. the surface velocity looks good again
[2018/01/31 02:30:38 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Pei-gv, I agree that the data loss is no acceptable. Loss of one INS should certainly not cause hcrdrx to become useless.
[2018/01/31 02:33:20 UTC] <Pei-gv> jemmett, that disconnect definitly seem to fix the problem. Now we are getting good numbers.
[2018/01/31 02:35:48 UTC] <Pei-gv> requesting for S-turn manuever
[2018/01/31 02:36:05 UTC] <Pei-gv> Sturn
[2018/01/31 02:37:18 UTC] <Pei-gv> another s turn
[2018/01/31 02:37:37 UTC] <Pei-gv> flying on the west side of the island
[2018/01/31 02:38:56 UTC] <Pei-gv> turn again
[2018/01/31 02:41:21 UTC] <jemmett> Pei-gv, interesting.  There was a lot of "clouds" forming in the cabin before the flight the other day from the cold AC air.
[2018/01/31 02:42:33 UTC] <Pei-gv> jemmett, you think that has something to do with the false telemetry ?
[2018/01/31 02:43:56 UTC] <jemmett> maybe there was some moisture between the contacts.  By reseating the connectors, maybe we have a better connection now. 
[2018/01/31 02:45:18 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Pei-gv, we have a big data gap from 02:34:05 to 02:36:30. Did something happen?
[2018/01/31 02:46:11 UTC] <Pei-gv> ChrisBurghart-ops, there was a ems fault (may be a end result of something?) I toggled the HV and ops mode to clear it
[2018/01/31 02:46:17 UTC] <Pei-gv> It did seem very long.
[2018/01/31 03:18:14 UTC] <Pei-gv> 5 second gap 03:17:40
[2018/01/31 03:21:06 UTC] <Pei-gv> descend
[2018/01/31 03:22:00 UTC] <Pei-gv> Passed Maqurie Island about 5 minutes ago
[2018/01/31 03:22:32 UTC] <Pei-gv> cloud top is at ~6000ft
[2018/01/31 03:29:21 UTC] <Pei-gv> flight level 7800 feet to allow about 1000 feet range for radar
[2018/01/31 03:29:49 UTC] <Pei-gv> start 10 minutes above cloud
[2018/01/31 03:33:36 UTC] <Pei-gv> Correction. Flight level is at 6800 ft. for this leg
[2018/01/31 03:49:25 UTC] <Pei-gv> 5second gap 03:48:55
[2018/01/31 03:55:54 UTC] <Pei-gv> 5 second gap 03:55:25
[2018/01/31 03:59:28 UTC] <Pei-gv> 03:58:55 5-second gap
[2018/01/31 04:09:45 UTC] <Pei-gv> ChrisBurghart-ops, still 5 second gaps. Working on comparing it with RF06 and previous flights.
[2018/01/31 04:11:51 UTC] <Pei-gv> descending to 5000ft in cloud leg
[2018/01/31 04:13:55 UTC] <Pei-gv> leveled 10 minutes
[2018/01/31 04:16:17 UTC] <jemmett> Pei-gv, headed back North?
[2018/01/31 04:17:30 UTC] <Pei-gv> jemmett, yes. Looks like it
[2018/01/31 04:17:46 UTC] <Pei-gv> jemmett, some confusion I have. Maybe you can help?
[2018/01/31 04:18:45 UTC] <Pei-gv> jemmett, what is the altitude values the pilots are using? something related to pressure?
[2018/01/31 04:19:03 UTC] <Pei-gv> I thought pilot uses alititude ASL ?
[2018/01/31 04:20:06 UTC] <Pei-gv> 04:19:35 5-second gap
[2018/01/31 04:20:13 UTC] <jemmett> Pei-gv, I think so, it was always off to our radar
[2018/01/31 04:22:56 UTC] <Pei-gv> jemmett, this totally can cause issue when mission coordinator is using radar/lidar data to direct the plane
[2018/01/31 04:25:42 UTC] <Pei-gv> 04:24UTC data may shine some light on the radar far field range characteristics?
[2018/01/31 04:27:38 UTC] <Pei-gv> descend to 500 ft below cloud legs
[2018/01/31 04:29:35 UTC] <Pei-gv> 04:29:10 5-second gap
[2018/01/31 04:36:25 UTC] <Pei-gv> 04:35:40 5-second gap
[2018/01/31 04:38:14 UTC] <jemmett> Pei-gv, I worked with Jeff to adjust the fight level. 
[2018/01/31 04:40:34 UTC] <jemmett> Pei-gv, I had him look at the display and adjusted accordingly.
[2018/01/31 04:42:11 UTC] <Pei-gv> start sawtooth
[2018/01/31 04:42:12 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Yeah, I think relative altitudes can be more useful, like "the clouds are 2000 ft below us".
[2018/01/31 04:43:42 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> It seems like surface Vr's were tending negative before you started pointing zenith. An s-turn at some point might be useful.
[2018/01/31 04:45:39 UTC] <Pei-gv> We will do S turn after the island
[2018/01/31 04:46:36 UTC] <Pei-gv> 04:46:15 5-second gap
[2018/01/31 04:49:32 UTC] <jemmett> Pei-gv, is it bumpy up there?
[2018/01/31 04:50:10 UTC] <Pei-gv> jemmett, not really.
[2018/01/31 04:50:44 UTC] <jemmett> if it is, it might be enough to correct the INS's.
[2018/01/31 04:52:21 UTC] <Pei-gv> Let's see when I turn back to nadir pointing..
[2018/01/31 04:56:18 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> The nadir pointing segment from 04:46 to 04:49 has noisy Vr's (maybe rough sea surface), but still seems to have more negative than positive.
[2018/01/31 04:58:10 UTC] <Pei-gv> jemmett, It's bumpy! 
[2018/01/31 04:58:41 UTC] <jemmett> seatbelt sign bumpy?
[2018/01/31 04:58:56 UTC] <Pei-gv> no... small amplitude bumps
[2018/01/31 04:59:34 UTC] <Pei-gv> descend to 500 ft to get out of icing condition
[2018/01/31 05:03:54 UTC] <Pei-gv> 05:02:45 5-second gap
[2018/01/31 05:10:45 UTC] <Pei-gv> 05:09:15 5-second gap
[2018/01/31 05:14:12 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Like past flights, it seems like the time between 5s gaps is almost always n minutes + 30 seconds. Right now the "seconds" portion of the gap start times is alternating between :15 and :30.
[2018/01/31 05:17:58 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Pei-gv, Can you see Macquarie Island?
[2018/01/31 05:18:59 UTC] <Pei-gv>  Just passing the north end
[2018/01/31 05:19:27 UTC] <Pei-gv> 05:18:45 5-sec gap
[2018/01/31 05:29:35 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Pei-gv, I forgot to ask. Are the seas rough? The noisy Vr is telling me probably yes.
[2018/01/31 05:30:08 UTC] <Pei-gv> ChrisBurghart-ops, I would say yes
[2018/01/31 05:32:38 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> The surface Vr's look like they're centered closer to zero again.
[2018/01/31 05:32:47 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> After the turns around Macquarie.
[2018/01/31 05:33:48 UTC] <Pei-gv> 10 minutes in cloud leg
[2018/01/31 05:53:05 UTC] <Pei-gv> 05:52:30 5-sec gap
[2018/01/31 05:56:28 UTC] <Pei-gv> 05:56:05 5-sec gap
[2018/01/31 05:59:54 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Pei-gv, the surface Vr's might be a little negative again just before the zenith pointing. S-turn soon?
[2018/01/31 06:00:33 UTC] <Pei-gv> ChrisBurghart-ops, there are a few more sampling legs...
[2018/01/31 06:02:06 UTC] <Pei-gv> 06:01:35 5-sec gap
[2018/01/31 06:14:55 UTC] <Pei-gv> 06:14:40 gap
[2018/01/31 06:16:20 UTC] <Pei-gv> 06:10:40 gap
[2018/01/31 06:20:19 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Pei-gv, what's the time of that last gap you reported? I don't see one at 06:10:40.
[2018/01/31 06:22:49 UTC] <Pei-gv> ChrisBurghart-ops, I guess it's probably supposed to be 06:20:40? I don't think you get the image yet
[2018/01/31 06:24:19 UTC] <Pei-gv> S turn
[2018/01/31 06:24:30 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Pei-gv, in the latest image here, there's a gap at 06:16:10.
[2018/01/31 06:25:18 UTC] <Pei-gv> S-turn 2
[2018/01/31 06:29:16 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Will you climb to cruising altitude, or stay sampling low?
[2018/01/31 06:30:52 UTC] <Pei-gv> 10 minutes at 500 feet
[2018/01/31 06:31:12 UTC] <Pei-gv>  and then cloud base 10 minutes and then in cloud 10 miuntes..
[2018/01/31 06:34:54 UTC] <Pei-gv> The sea is really rough
[2018/01/31 06:35:18 UTC] <Pei-gv> Apparently the high wind condition did not change for return...
[2018/01/31 06:35:54 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> The sea roughness shows up pretty clearly in the noisy surface Vr
[2018/01/31 06:41:27 UTC] <Pei-gv> 06:40:40 gap
[2018/01/31 06:52:04 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Pei-gv, I may have some code that will alleviate hcrdrx's issue when an INS is starting up again.
[2018/01/31 06:55:16 UTC] <Pei-gv> climb for in cloud leg and then climb up to head home
[2018/01/31 06:56:18 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> in-cloud leg where?
[2018/01/31 06:56:30 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> I don't see anything above you or ahead of you.
[2018/01/31 06:56:55 UTC] <Pei-gv> Some scattered cloud.
[2018/01/31 06:57:12 UTC] <Pei-gv> I really don't see much on my display. Maybe  on lidar
[2018/01/31 06:57:52 UTC] <Pei-gv> ChrisBurghart-ops, we will try to do another surface cal if it's clear
[2018/01/31 06:58:12 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Good. With a sonde?
[2018/01/31 06:58:50 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> 06:46:15 gap
[2018/01/31 06:59:09 UTC] <Pei-gv> yes, with sonde. But I would like to climb up before we do that
[2018/01/31 06:59:15 UTC] <Pei-gv> we almost have to, rihgt?
[2018/01/31 06:59:41 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Yep. Tough to get much lower.
[2018/01/31 07:09:23 UTC] <Pei-gv> We decide to pass on drop sonde.
[2018/01/31 07:09:44 UTC] <Pei-gv> I will get ready to do a NSCAL as soon as we are at the ferry altitude
[2018/01/31 07:13:36 UTC] <Pei-gv> start climbing
[2018/01/31 07:17:57 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> data gap at 17:14:50
[2018/01/31 07:18:50 UTC] <Pei-gv> ChrisBurghart-ops, I don't see a significant improvement on the occurrence of the 5 second gap. Thoughts?
[2018/01/31 07:19:46 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> I agree. The number of gaps seems very similar to previous flights.
[2018/01/31 07:19:53 UTC] <jemmett> Pei-gv, headed to the airport
[2018/01/31 07:20:01 UTC] <Pei-gv> 07:19:25 gap
[2018/01/31 07:20:12 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> It's disappointing. I had some real hope for the second ethernet.
[2018/01/31 07:21:32 UTC] <Pei-gv> ChrisBurghart-ops, maybe very slightly better. But if I count the occurrence per hour, I don't think we have improve like 30% level
[2018/01/31 07:29:47 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Surface Vr looks very negative on the 07:15 image. Is another s-turn possible?
[2018/01/31 07:31:10 UTC] <Pei-gv> NSCAL ~07:30
[2018/01/31 07:34:35 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Pei-gv, is another s-turn possible? The surface Vr's look awful.
[2018/01/31 07:35:05 UTC] <Pei-gv> ChrisBurghart-ops, I can ask...but I am about to shut down hcrdrx to rsync HSRL
[2018/01/31 07:35:57 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Pei-gv, we can skip the s-turn if you're ready to stop the radar.
[2018/01/31 07:36:13 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> after the NSCAL
[2018/01/31 07:36:34 UTC] <Pei-gv> We are about 40 minutes out. I thought I stop and give HSRL 30 min?
[2018/01/31 07:36:40 UTC] <Pei-gv> I can wait until later too
[2018/01/31 07:37:30 UTC] <Pei-gv> They are talking to the ATC. I think I won't bother
[2018/01/31 07:40:27 UTC] <Pei-gv> Stop HCRDR>
[2018/01/31 07:40:41 UTC] <Pei-gv> last data time 07:40:10
[2018/01/31 07:43:16 UTC] <Pei-gv> jemmett-iPhone, can you check with Spuler about me stopping HSRL?
[2018/01/31 07:46:37 UTC] <Pei-gv> ChrisBurghart-ops, wow. It takes no time to catch up with HSRL data. Did I see that wrong?
[2018/01/31 07:47:26 UTC] <jemmett-iPhone> Pei-gv: do you mean shutting it down?
[2018/01/31 07:47:40 UTC] <Pei-gv> stopping hsrl archiver
[2018/01/31 07:48:00 UTC] <Pei-gv> jemmett-iPhone, ok. Then I will just leave it on. Will shut the laser at some point though
[2018/01/31 07:48:19 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Pei-gv, when you run the command we got before to sync the HSRL data, it should finish within a couple of minutes.
[2018/01/31 07:54:14 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Pei-gv, I would close the shutter and do a stop_all in the "hsrl" window now, then do stop_all in the "ahsrl" window.
[2018/01/31 07:54:45 UTC] <Pei-gv> ChrisBurghart-ops, done and done. Closed the lens cover and floor cover
[2018/01/31 07:54:48 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Then you can run the HSRL rsync command to copy the data to the HCR archiver.
[2018/01/31 07:55:26 UTC] <Pei-gv> ChrisBurghart-ops, and done.
[2018/01/31 07:55:39 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> When that finishes, just wait for the next rsync to the USB disks, and everything should be ready to go.
[2018/01/31 08:06:22 UTC] <Pei-gv> They just did a S-turn. Of course we are off
[2018/01/31 08:10:44 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Pei-gv, your removable drive is HCR37?
[2018/01/31 08:11:12 UTC] <Pei-gv> ChrisBurghart-ops, that is correct
[2018/01/31 08:16:02 UTC] <Pei-gv> ChrisBurghart-ops, counted the # of incidents of gaps between RF07 & RF06
[2018/01/31 08:16:14 UTC] <Pei-gv> 27 events vs. 31.
[2018/01/31 08:16:24 UTC] <Pei-gv> I wouldn't say it's much of an improvement.
[2018/01/31 08:17:05 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-ops> Pei-gv, I think the difference is probably not even statistically significant.
[2018/01/31 08:17:36 UTC] <Pei-gv> It's about 4-5 events per hour
[2018/01/31 08:18:01 UTC] <Pei-gv> since it's pointing toward Max Power stuff. We should ask Mike to reallly look into it.
[2018/01/31 08:30:18 UTC] <Pei-gv> landed