SOCRATES chat log RF05

[2018/01/25 21:56:54 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> hcrdrx start 21:55:57
[2018/01/25 21:57:31 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> drives homed
[2018/01/25 22:34:58 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> After discussion with Roj and Cory, may try to do two sea surface cals: one near 45S before a cloud band on sat image, and one after the cloud band near 48S. The HCR sonde will be dropped for the first cal, and the normal 48S sonde will be used for the second.
[2018/01/25 22:36:26 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> door is closed
[2018/01/25 22:42:19 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> starting engines
[2018/01/25 22:46:46 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> taxiing
[2018/01/25 22:47:41 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> filament on
[2018/01/25 22:50:20 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> HV on
[2018/01/25 22:50:23 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> txV
[2018/01/25 22:50:48 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> data look good
[2018/01/25 22:52:31 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> cleared for takeoff
[2018/01/25 23:00:25 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> switch to nadir pointng
[2018/01/25 23:02:38 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> surface Vr in the climb is all gray
[2018/01/25 23:03:16 UTC] <ScottEllis-Boulder> That's good, thanks Chris
[2018/01/25 23:03:44 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> leveled off at 20kft
[2018/01/25 23:04:01 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> loading a sonde for first scanning cal
[2018/01/25 23:05:10 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> visually, sea surface is pretty calm here
[2018/01/25 23:05:49 UTC] <ScottEllis-Boulder> Looks like good sea surface Ze cal conditions
[2018/01/25 23:06:20 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> will be starting the scanning as soon as the sonde drops
[2018/01/25 23:07:40 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> sonde away
[2018/01/25 23:07:52 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> fast scan cal started 23:07:30
[2018/01/25 23:08:58 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> hazy with scattered clouds below, still visually calm ocean surface
[2018/01/25 23:11:07 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> end fast cal scan
[2018/01/25 23:11:25 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> 23:11:15 start slow scan right
[2018/01/25 23:12:11 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> end slow scan right
[2018/01/25 23:12:41 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> 12:12:30 start slow scan left
[2018/01/25 23:13:18 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> end slow scan left
[2018/01/25 23:36:34 UTC] <ScottEllis-Boulder> ChrisBurghart-gv, a couple of dropouts around 2326 and 2327 (5 sec?)
[2018/01/25 23:39:54 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> ScottEllis-Boulder, thanks, I missed those. It seems that they frequently come in pairs, with 90 seconds between. I haven't found anything in the system that runs with that period yet.
[2018/01/25 23:44:48 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> INSs may have drifted. Now doing s-turns.
[2018/01/25 23:46:40 UTC] <ScottEllis-Boulder> surface Vr's look mostly grey, maybe slightly negative on the catalog recently
[2018/01/25 23:48:08 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> INSs may have drifted. Now doing s-turns.
[2018/01/25 23:48:21 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Sorry, we just complete the s-turns.
[2018/01/25 23:48:43 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Surface Vr still running a little bit positive.
[2018/01/25 23:50:01 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> We should use this outbound leg to check our rotation pointing, since it's been near direct crosswind.
[2018/01/25 23:50:52 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> I meant Vr still running negative.
[2018/01/25 23:51:32 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Clear seas below and 48S sonde was launched. Starting second sea surface cal.
[2018/01/25 23:52:09 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> fast scan started 23:52:00
[2018/01/25 23:54:32 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> sea surface is visually pretty calm
[2018/01/25 23:55:40 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> fast scan ended 23:55:30
[2018/01/25 23:56:05 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> slow scan right started 23:56:00
[2018/01/25 23:56:40 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> slow scan right ended 23:56:30
[2018/01/25 23:57:13 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> slow scan right started 23:57:00
[2018/01/25 23:57:36 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> slow scan right ended 23:57:30
[2018/01/25 23:57:44 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> back to nadir pointing
[2018/01/26 00:08:13 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> a little choppy now
[2018/01/26 00:08:39 UTC] <ScottEllis-Boulder> GV or the water?
[2018/01/26 00:09:16 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> GV
[2018/01/26 00:09:26 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> sea surface is starting to show some chop
[2018/01/26 00:10:35 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Third sea surface cal after 49S drop.
[2018/01/26 00:10:46 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Fast scan started at 00:10:15
[2018/01/26 00:11:25 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> visually, ocean surface shows a few whitecaps
[2018/01/26 00:11:57 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Cal is being run with Roj's blessing
[2018/01/26 00:13:49 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> fast scan ended 00:13:45
[2018/01/26 00:14:19 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> slow scan right started 00:14:15
[2018/01/26 00:14:49 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> slow scan right ended 00:14:45
[2018/01/26 00:15:19 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> slow scan left started 00:15:15
[2018/01/26 00:15:50 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> slow scan left ended 00:15:45
[2018/01/26 00:15:53 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> back to nadir pointing
[2018/01/26 00:16:04 UTC] <vivek-ops> Chris_B Thanks for a series of ocean casl in various surface wind condition
[2018/01/26 00:44:47 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Surface Vr is quite negative now.
[2018/01/26 00:45:09 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Flight plan has a left turn coming up soon, though.
[2018/01/26 00:48:01 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Sea surface is quite rough now, so surface Vr is also noisy.
[2018/01/26 00:50:41 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> We started down, but climbed back up to launch the 54S sonde from 16000ft.
[2018/01/26 00:50:53 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Now starting our descent.
[2018/01/26 00:53:37 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> visible spray from some of the ocean whitecaps
[2018/01/26 00:55:57 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> 5s drop at 00:55:15
[2018/01/26 00:56:52 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> levelled off
[2018/01/26 00:57:36 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> ETA at Investigator is 0153
[2018/01/26 01:00:30 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> The long shallow turn seems to have gotten our surface Vr closer to zero again
[2018/01/26 01:08:17 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> 5s drop at 01:07:45
[2018/01/26 01:14:40 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> 5s drop 01:13:50
[2018/01/26 01:26:03 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> 5s drop at 01:25:25
[2018/01/26 01:33:36 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> pilots maneuvering to stay out of the cloud layer above us
[2018/01/26 01:50:37 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> climbing to stay above cloud
[2018/01/26 01:52:40 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> reflectivity shift at 01:52
[2018/01/26 01:53:50 UTC] <Pei-iPhone_> Reflectivity shift?
[2018/01/26 01:54:39 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Yes, Any idea what could cause that?
[2018/01/26 01:54:52 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Definitely have a look at the 01:50 image when it gets there
[2018/01/26 01:56:05 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Began a descent to the Investigator, but now climbing and heading north for better conditions
[2018/01/26 01:56:42 UTC] <Pei-iPhone_> You haven’t pass the Investigator yet
[2018/01/26 01:57:52 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Pilots say we're abeam the boat again right now
[2018/01/26 02:00:15 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-gv, I hope you are not flying right over them
[2018/01/26 02:01:14 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Pei-iPhone_, No, we've avoided going directly over
[2018/01/26 02:02:04 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-gv, do you mean the sudden change at 1:52?
[2018/01/26 02:02:18 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Yes, that's it
[2018/01/26 02:02:21 UTC] <Pei-ops> Please check your transmit mode. Are you still at tx-V or tx-H?
[2018/01/26 02:03:12 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Yes. I don't think there was ever a change to attenuated mode, if that's what you're thinking.
[2018/01/26 02:03:56 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-gv, no, I know there is a slight difference between trasmitting V and H. I don't think this change is as large as the attenuation mode...
[2018/01/26 02:04:03 UTC] <Pei-ops> Just wondering if it was changed to H.
[2018/01/26 02:06:36 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> No, we've been txV the whole time
[2018/01/26 02:06:46 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> starting spiral descent
[2018/01/26 02:09:37 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Headed north again. Conditions not clear enough to descend here.
[2018/01/26 02:12:32 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-gv, I would suggest to try toggle the modes to bench test and back to tx-V
[2018/01/26 02:14:54 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-gv, if you look at LDR images, the LDR value dropped about 20 dB after 1:52
[2018/01/26 02:14:59 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Briefly went to bench test mode at 01:14:25, then back to txV
[2018/01/26 02:15:10 UTC] <Pei-ops> That's why I suspect there is a mode/polarization change
[2018/01/26 02:15:28 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Dropping for an in-cloud leg.
[2018/01/26 02:16:02 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Pei-iPhone_, it's off my display now, but it looks like reflectivity came up after the switch
[2018/01/26 02:16:44 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-gv, please check the LDR values or images
[2018/01/26 02:17:44 UTC] <Pei-ops> Or I can wait until it comes down to e
[2018/01/26 02:20:15 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Pei-iPhone_, yes LDR went down a bunch at 01:52:00, and back up again at 02:14:25
[2018/01/26 02:20:48 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-gv, copy that. So the hardware must have a glitch.... I can't think of why though...
[2018/01/26 02:21:31 UTC] <Pei-ops> Or can we miss data or tag the pulses incorrectly? If it is hardware, I would have thought you get a EMS error already.
[2018/01/26 02:23:18 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Let me look at the HcrMonitor and Pmc730 logs and verify there wasn't a mode switch
[2018/01/26 02:23:48 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-gv, that would be good. Otherwise we need to look into how HMC deal with error checks..
[2018/01/26 02:24:47 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-gv, what is the EMS error counts?
[2018/01/26 02:26:50 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Pei-ops, EMS error count 484543
[2018/01/26 02:28:06 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Pei-ops, and there was an explicit mode change to txH after a max power latency event
[2018/01/26 02:28:26 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Pei-ops, need to try to figure out where the mode change came from
[2018/01/26 02:28:53 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-gv, uh. Interesting. What could have trigger that? I take it did not show on the GUI?
[2018/01/26 02:28:56 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> 500 ft over choppy seas
[2018/01/26 02:29:50 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> The air's a little choppy, too
[2018/01/26 02:30:49 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-gv, Jonathan and I looked at the EMS error counts. It appears there is no EMS error between 1:26 to now (2:25)
[2018/01/26 02:31:20 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> zenith
[2018/01/26 02:32:36 UTC] <Pei-ops> We do get EMS errors when we get the heartbeat timeout (5-second gap)
[2018/01/26 02:32:37 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> 5s drop 02:32:15
[2018/01/26 02:33:46 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-gv, what was the error at 1:52? Max power latency?
[2018/01/26 02:34:00 UTC] <Pei-ops> I assume no heartbeat timeout?
[2018/01/26 02:34:00 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> climbing above cloud again
[2018/01/26 02:36:14 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> in cloud
[2018/01/26 02:38:50 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Pei-ops, I was mistaken. The event at 01:51:59 was *only* a mode change to txH
[2018/01/26 02:39:20 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-gv, copy that. The Who changed it? I assume you didn't...
[2018/01/26 02:43:03 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-gv, I hope it did not come across wrong. I meant to ask how did it get changed?
[2018/01/26 02:43:39 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Pei-ops, I did not (knowingly) change mode in the GUI, but the hcrgui.log file shows the mode change was requested. There was a "crazy keyboard" event earlier, but I didn't note the time. If that event occurred while I was in the GUI window, it's hard to predict the results...
[2018/01/26 02:44:41 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-gv, understand. I just want to get a feeling and see if we need to be worried about it as a "potential" software or hardware glitch.
[2018/01/26 02:45:13 UTC] <Pei-ops> Sounds like this is not the case. That's all I need to know!
[2018/01/26 02:45:20 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> 5s drop 02:44:10
[2018/01/26 02:49:47 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Pei-ops, I agree with the concern about potential problems, and especially in the software. I'll need to put together the log information more clearly, but the keyboard thing seems like a possible answer.
[2018/01/26 02:51:09 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> The fact that the GUI saw a request to do txH is a very strong indication that it was not a hardware problem.
[2018/01/26 02:52:02 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-gv, Agreed. I am pretty convinced from the EMS error msg status that we don't have a hardware problem.
[2018/01/26 02:57:27 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> going back down to 500 ft
[2018/01/26 03:01:19 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-gv, what happens to the radar? No transmission?
[2018/01/26 03:02:34 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Pei-ops, Thanks for the heads-up. We were in clear air above and below, and I missed the EMS errors. Toggling modes now.
[2018/01/26 03:02:54 UTC] <vivek_> Chris_B No HCR data after 2:53
[2018/01/26 03:03:28 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> No luck in quick toggle. Now going to bench test mode for a while.
[2018/01/26 03:03:37 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> HV off
[2018/01/26 03:04:06 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> txV mode
[2018/01/26 03:04:08 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> HV on
[2018/01/26 03:04:18 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> We have radar again.
[2018/01/26 03:15:27 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> HSRL is switching to 10 minutes nadir, 10 minutes zenith for a while at Roj's request. HCR will remain zenith pointing.
[2018/01/26 03:16:43 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> 5s drop 03:15:45
[2018/01/26 03:26:37 UTC] <ScottEllis-Boulder> ChrisBurghart-gv, There might be a cloud in about 1000 km!
[2018/01/26 03:28:50 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> At least we're down low enough to get a little bit of boundary layer return.
[2018/01/26 03:30:43 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-gv, what are we seeing here? Sidelobe returns?
[2018/01/26 03:31:23 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> I think it's marine boundary layer return. HSRL sees it too.
[2018/01/26 03:32:15 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Pei-ops, I assume the sharp transition at 2 km is just the edge of our receiver protection time?
[2018/01/26 03:32:51 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> (2 km altitude, not range)
[2018/01/26 03:33:41 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> I guess I could break out my calculator and see for myself where the receiver protection ends...
[2018/01/26 03:41:02 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-gv, what's your altitude? 500 ft? I am eyeballing
[2018/01/26 03:41:17 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> more like 1000ft
[2018/01/26 03:41:32 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Sorry, I said 2km before when it was really 2kft
[2018/01/26 03:41:35 UTC] <Pei-ops> Radar dead zone is 210meter
[2018/01/26 03:42:32 UTC] <Pei-ops> So 1700 feet ASL
[2018/01/26 03:42:33 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> climbing to cruise altitude, switching to nadir pointing
[2018/01/26 03:46:37 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> 5s drop 03:45:30
[2018/01/26 03:48:32 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Pei-ops, turns out we're headed for some clouds at 48S
[2018/01/26 03:52:13 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Doing an s-turn
[2018/01/26 03:52:44 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> I didn't see any sign of significant INS drift, but doing it for good measure.
[2018/01/26 04:11:44 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> 5s drop at 04:11:10
[2018/01/26 04:12:57 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> 5s drop at 04:12:40
[2018/01/26 04:13:00 UTC] <ScottEllis-Boulder> There was a 5s drop at 03:58 too
[2018/01/26 04:13:28 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> That's another pair separated by 90 seconds.
[2018/01/26 04:15:20 UTC] <ScottEllis-Boulder> another at 04:06
[2018/01/26 04:15:37 UTC] <ScottEllis-Boulder> Seem to be increasing now
[2018/01/26 04:19:59 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Descending for boundary layer observations
[2018/01/26 04:24:03 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv>  we'll still try to get the (probably thin) clouds around 48S
[2018/01/26 04:26:16 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> zenith pointing
[2018/01/26 04:37:04 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Climbing out for a cloud run.
[2018/01/26 04:37:37 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> nadir pointing
[2018/01/26 04:46:10 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> in-cloud leg
[2018/01/26 04:47:05 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Pei-ops, I'll let you know when I stop hcrdrx. Collecting data now, though.
[2018/01/26 04:50:44 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Very brief dropout 04:49:48
[2018/01/26 04:51:44 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-gv, I assume I can clean HCR099 drive?
[2018/01/26 04:52:15 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> Pei-ops, clean away!
[2018/01/26 04:53:20 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-gv, copy that.
[2018/01/26 04:55:49 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> nadir pointing
[2018/01/26 05:01:50 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> starting NS cal
[2018/01/26 05:08:37 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> end of NS cal
[2018/01/26 05:19:26 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> stopped hcrdrx
[2018/01/26 05:19:57 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> stop_all on rds
[2018/01/26 05:23:08 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-gv> stop_all on archiver