SOCRATES chat log RF02

[2018/01/18 23:30:56 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> HCR systems are powered up
[2018/01/19 00:01:38 UTC] <Pei-iPhone> Test. All good!
[2018/01/19 00:04:48 UTC] <Pei-iPhone> ChrisBurghart-GV: no 5-second gap yet?
[2018/01/19 00:14:32 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> 00:07 started hcrdrx
[2018/01/19 00:16:46 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> got a smear on real-time display, but no sync problems or dropped pulses in hcrdrx
[2018/01/19 00:18:44 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> The smears may just be issues with the real-time display. I'll check shortly to see if the 00:15 5-minute catalog image shows the same thing. I suspect it won't.
[2018/01/19 00:20:37 UTC] <Pei-iPhone> ChrisBurghart-GV: I don’t think you see that smear in the catalog images
[2018/01/19 00:21:14 UTC] <Pei-iPhone> I was wondering the same thing for RF01. Checked the images. Couldn’t see them
[2018/01/19 00:22:50 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Yep, the smear does not show up in the catalog image. It's just a real-time display issue.
[2018/01/19 00:27:19 UTC] <Pei-iPhone> ChrisBurghart-GV: or it? We need to make sure this is not any issue with the data or timestamping the data
[2018/01/19 00:29:34 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Running MotionControlDaemon with rotBeamAngleCorrection -2.95 and tiltBeamAngleCorrection -0.164. I'm really hoping to see today's surface radial velocity really close to zero most of the time!
[2018/01/19 00:31:47 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> vivek-ops, You should be getting HCR and HSRL images in the catalog, although neither one is radiating right now.
[2018/01/19 00:32:52 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> We're down to just today's flight crew on the plane now.
[2018/01/19 00:38:07 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> They just closed the door of the plane, and we're ready to go.
[2018/01/19 00:40:46 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> engines starting
[2018/01/19 00:45:38 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Pei-iPhone, Regarding the smearing, I think the difference is that the real-time is getting its data from a stream rather than from the netCDF files, and sometimes just doesn't keep up entirely. The catalog images are generated from the netCDF files, so they're good.
[2018/01/19 00:46:09 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> taxiing
[2018/01/19 00:46:20 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> HV on, txV
[2018/01/19 00:51:30 UTC] <Pei-iPhone> ChrisBurghart-GV: now I understand better on the real-time display issue. In this case, it may be. Good idea to confirm that we are not dropping data, or hcrdrx.log actually tells us that?
[2018/01/19 00:53:10 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Pei-iPhone, Any missing pulses at the hcrdrx level would be logged, and show up in the drop/sync listings given every 10 seconds
[2018/01/19 00:53:55 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> We're currently showing zero missed syncs and zero dropped pulses in both channels.
[2018/01/19 00:54:31 UTC] <Pei-iPhone> ChrisBurghart-GV: but not on the Mike’s side, correct? The other worry I have is the display difference between 90 seconds and 5 minutes.
[2018/01/19 01:01:31 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> switching to nadir pointing
[2018/01/19 01:04:33 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Eeew, surface radial velocity is quite positive around 1.2 m/s
[2018/01/19 01:04:53 UTC] <ScottEllis-Boulder> Maybe the correction should go the other way around?
[2018/01/19 01:05:15 UTC] <Pei-iPhone> ChrisBurghart-GV: oh no! So our understanding is the opposite!
[2018/01/19 01:05:40 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> I'll try reversing the tilt correction.
[2018/01/19 01:08:06 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> stop hcrdrx
[2018/01/19 01:08:09 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> stop MotionControl
[2018/01/19 01:10:51 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> start MotionControl with new tiltBeamCorrection -0.536
[2018/01/19 01:10:55 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> start hcrdrx
[2018/01/19 01:12:27 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> That's much better now! Surface radial velocities are hovering very close to zero, with a slight negative bias.
[2018/01/19 01:14:10 UTC] <Hayman-hobart> ChrisBurghart-GV: is the hsrl shutter open and floor hatch removed?
[2018/01/19 01:16:25 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Hayman-hobart, We just got the floorplate up, and the shutter's open now.
[2018/01/19 01:20:32 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> ScottEllis-Boulder, Eyeball average of the TsPrint surface velocity numbers is around -0.1 to -0.2 m/s
[2018/01/19 01:21:41 UTC] <ScottEllis-Boulder> ChrisBurghart-GV, Thanks. Are you still climbing?
[2018/01/19 01:22:18 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> ScottEllis-Boulder, no we've been level since before I started nadir pointing.
[2018/01/19 01:24:17 UTC] <ScottEllis-Boulder> ChrisBurghart-GV, I see a dropout in the minute of 01:15.
[2018/01/19 01:24:30 UTC] <vivek-ops> So far no HCR drop-outs; data looks good
[2018/01/19 01:26:04 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Pei-iPhone, Based on what I see myself and the satellite imagery, I don't think we'll get any more clear than this for our sea surface cal. I'm going to ask for a sonde soon unless there's objection.
[2018/01/19 01:26:32 UTC] <Pei-iPhone> ChrisBurghart-GV: copy that. Go for it
[2018/01/19 01:29:11 UTC] <vivek-ops> Chris I noticed about 1 min dropout around 1:09
[2018/01/19 01:29:26 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Pei-iPhone, please confirm cal scan stuff for me. 160-200 @ 3 deg/s, 158-162 @ 0.5 deg/s, 188-192 @ 0.5 deg/s.
[2018/01/19 01:29:59 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> vivek-ops, That dropout was due to restarting the system to change beam correction angle.
[2018/01/19 01:31:04 UTC] <ScottEllis-Boulder> 2 small dropouts at 01:23?
[2018/01/19 01:31:41 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> I'll look in a bit. I need to do a surface scan cal. The sonde will go soon.
[2018/01/19 01:31:47 UTC] <Pei-iPhone> ChrisBurghart-GV: it’s 168-172
[2018/01/19 01:32:10 UTC] <Pei-iPhone> And the rest of them are correct
[2018/01/19 01:33:37 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> 1:33:20 started fast sea surface cal scan
[2018/01/19 01:33:49 UTC] <Pei-iPhone> ChrisBurghart-GV: to be clear : 168-172 & 188-192 for 0.5 deg / s
[2018/01/19 01:34:06 UTC] <Pei-iPhone> And 160-200 for 5 deg / s
[2018/01/19 01:35:04 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> not 3 deg/s?
[2018/01/19 01:36:28 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> ending fast scan at 1:36:20
[2018/01/19 01:37:11 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> slow scan left at 1:37:00
[2018/01/19 01:37:23 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> will end slow scan at 1:37:30
[2018/01/19 01:38:09 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> slow scan left at 1:38:50
[2018/01/19 01:38:43 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> ending at 1:38:30
[2018/01/19 01:39:19 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> OK, too many screw ups above. Here are directions and times for the SS scanning:
[2018/01/19 01:39:39 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> fast scan 1:33:20 to 1:36:20
[2018/01/19 01:40:29 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> slow scan RIGHT 1:37:00 to 1:37:30
[2018/01/19 01:40:51 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> slow scan LEFT 1:37:50 to 1:38:30
[2018/01/19 01:43:18 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> sonde was dropped at 1:32:55
[2018/01/19 01:44:53 UTC] <Pei-iPhone> ChrisBurghart-GV: 3 deg! Probably too late.
[2018/01/19 01:45:56 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> We just got a 5-second dropout at 1:44:50. Will look at the logs.
[2018/01/19 01:47:21 UTC] <Pei-iPhone_> ChrisBurghart-GV: I would say unplug one drive if needed
[2018/01/19 01:55:28 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Pei-iPhone_, Copy your comment on removing a drive. The copies to the drives are currently completing in 2:37, and I don't know if writing one vs. two drives will help us here.
[2018/01/19 01:55:47 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Another 5s dropout at 1:54:45
[2018/01/19 01:56:57 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> EMS errors now. Changing modes to clear.
[2018/01/19 01:57:43 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Transmitting again.
[2018/01/19 02:03:13 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> ScottEllis-Boulder, Care to speculate on whether rough seas below might be playing into the big variation I seen in surface radial velocity? Check the 02:00 image when it comes in.
[2018/01/19 02:05:04 UTC] <ScottEllis-Boulder> ChrisBurghart-GV, I think it could be a factor. I saw some big variations in RF01 too. Puts the surface Vr correction in question.
[2018/01/19 02:06:38 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-GV, looking at the images, we have had 5 5-second heartbeat laps after your surface scans. Roughly 1 event every 4-5 minutes.
[2018/01/19 02:07:07 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> I've noticed two of them.
[2018/01/19 02:07:33 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-GV, if this frequency persists, maybe we can try to pull one drive? My goal is to get to a stable state before the profiling phase
[2018/01/19 02:09:29 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Pei-ops, Agreed. I think it's worth trying.
[2018/01/19 02:09:59 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-GV, copy that. I will keep an eye on the frequency and let you know.
[2018/01/19 02:10:21 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> I'm going to pull drive HCR41 after the current write completes.
[2018/01/19 02:10:29 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-GV, from eye-balling, you are probably at least an hour away
[2018/01/19 02:11:57 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-GV, you are flying over the Investigator (like now?) maybe we should consider staring a bit off nadir?
[2018/01/19 02:12:46 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> The ship was sighted, and we turned a bit to not fly directly over it.
[2018/01/19 02:13:10 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-GV, copy that. We should be fine.
[2018/01/19 02:13:46 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-GV, now thinking of it. The receiver is protected during transmit and we have Max Power check during receive. At 20kft, it is probably ok.
[2018/01/19 02:16:49 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> I got distracted. HCR41 is still in place. Should I leave it in until we're closer to the profiling phase?
[2018/01/19 02:19:59 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> We finally have a little bit of cloud the radar can see again.
[2018/01/19 02:23:09 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-GV, HCR hasn't had a 5-sec gap since 02:00. Two smaller gaps though. Did you note the time you flew over the Investigator?
[2018/01/19 02:24:05 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Pei-ops, we were over the Investigator near 02:12, but I don't have a precise time.
[2018/01/19 02:24:08 UTC] <Pei-ops> 02:02 & 02:04 show a 2-sec (eye-balling) gaps.
[2018/01/19 02:24:27 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-GV, then these 02:02 events are not related to that.
[2018/01/19 02:25:33 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-GV, I would give it another 20-25 minutes and see how the system performs? Pulling out 20-30 minutes prior to profiling leg should be sufficient (?)
[2018/01/19 02:25:47 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> No, that's well before we got to the Investigator.
[2018/01/19 02:26:07 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> May have another gap at 02:23:20
[2018/01/19 02:28:04 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-GV, we did. Another ~2 sec gap. What is the cause of that? Anything obvious?
[2018/01/19 02:28:44 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Pei-ops, I'll check for max power excursions in HcrMonitor.log.
[2018/01/19 02:30:56 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> We didn't exceed max power, but there was a 5+ second latency in data from TsPrint.max_power at that time.
[2018/01/19 02:32:07 UTC] <Pei-iPhone__>  ChrisBurghart-GV  we also get that from time to time though.
[2018/01/19 02:39:41 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-GV, Got two more, 2-sec gaps.
[2018/01/19 02:40:22 UTC] <Pei-ops> Any chance you could look into the log? ~02:30:20
[2018/01/19 02:43:20 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> I don't see anything at that time in HcrMonitor.log or HcrPmc730Daemon.log
[2018/01/19 02:45:55 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> 5s dropout at 02:45:05
[2018/01/19 02:47:03 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-GV, you are getting closer to the profiling location. What are your thoughts?
[2018/01/19 02:47:21 UTC] <Pei-ops> It's not too frequent. I would hate to lose data at the same time.
[2018/01/19 02:48:56 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Are you that the current dropout rate is acceptable (but not good)? I don't think removing a drive is very risky, but I also suspect it won't help any...
[2018/01/19 02:50:13 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Smoother seas below us now, and the surface VR is a lot less variable now.
[2018/01/19 02:51:16 UTC] <ScottEllis-Boulder> ChrisBurghart-GV, good observation! Thanks that will be very helpful
[2018/01/19 02:52:34 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-GV, yes. It is acceptable but I also want to find a solution that doesn't have the gap..
[2018/01/19 02:53:04 UTC] <Pei-ops> I would almost vote for pulling the drive for a try.
[2018/01/19 02:53:20 UTC] <Pei-ops> Not that I think it will help drastically.
[2018/01/19 03:03:07 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> I agree that it's worth a try. I'll let you know when I pull it, probably shortly before our descent.
[2018/01/19 03:11:06 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> dropout 3:10:45
[2018/01/19 03:11:50 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-GV, I guess it's a good idea to pull the drive and give it a try.
[2018/01/19 03:15:02 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> 80 miles to our first descent, so I will pull HCR41 after the next write to USB.
[2018/01/19 03:17:59 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Pulling drive HCR41 now.
[2018/01/19 03:19:32 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> HCR41 holds everything up to 03:15.
[2018/01/19 03:20:58 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Surface VRs are pretty strong negative now, of order -0.5 m/s
[2018/01/19 03:21:07 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Strong and consistent.
[2018/01/19 03:22:07 UTC] <ScottEllis-Boulder> ChrisBurghart-GV, I see that, I am wondering if the INS is drifting after a long time of level flight with no turns.
[2018/01/19 03:22:27 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> We're just starting a turn now, so we'll see!
[2018/01/19 03:24:35 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Good call Scott! Surface VRs are very close to zero again.
[2018/01/19 03:25:08 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> That was impeccable timing. The turn began within seconds of your suggestion.
[2018/01/19 03:26:29 UTC] <ScottEllis-Boulder> glad to hear about the near 0 Vr!
[2018/01/19 03:26:41 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> We turned a bit west for more clouds. Starting descent to 1000' above clouds.
[2018/01/19 03:29:01 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Lidar shows cloud top near 5000 ft
[2018/01/19 03:36:41 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-GV, I will be wiping HCR51 & 54 in preparation for RF03. They have ARISTO-17 data on them
[2018/01/19 03:37:39 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-GV, copy that. I will make HCR099, 51 & 54 empty ready to use. FYI.
[2018/01/19 03:38:45 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Sorry I forgot to say we're in a ten minute leg above cloud.
[2018/01/19 03:45:12 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Turning to the north before first below cloud leg.
[2018/01/19 03:46:52 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> descending for below cloud leg
[2018/01/19 03:49:59 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> zenith pointing
[2018/01/19 03:50:09 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> starting 10 minute below cloud leg
[2018/01/19 03:50:23 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> scratch that, still descending
[2018/01/19 03:51:48 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> at 1000 ft, in cloud
[2018/01/19 03:52:45 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> ocean in sight, descending to 500 ft
[2018/01/19 03:53:15 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> beginning 10 minute below cloud leg
[2018/01/19 04:08:53 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> 04:08 nadir pointing
[2018/01/19 04:10:11 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> currently hunting for clouds
[2018/01/19 04:11:23 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> slow descent
[2018/01/19 04:15:07 UTC] <Pei-ops> Data smear and gaps in 04:05~04:10 image
[2018/01/19 04:16:00 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-GV, let me know when activities start to die down. Some ideas to try for this gap issue
[2018/01/19 04:16:57 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Roger that. We're trying to find an in-cloud leg right now
[2018/01/19 04:18:51 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Climbed to 3000, but now going to 2000 for in-cloud.
[2018/01/19 04:23:01 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Still hunting
[2018/01/19 04:29:34 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Now in-cloud and doing a leg
[2018/01/19 04:35:40 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> done with in-cloud
[2018/01/19 04:35:46 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> climbing to find colder clouds
[2018/01/19 04:39:50 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> estimated 40 minutes left before we have to climb back to cruising altitude
[2018/01/19 04:42:04 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-GV, copy that.
[2018/01/19 04:42:12 UTC] <Pei-ops> No gap in the past 20 minutes.
[2018/01/19 04:48:09 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Pei-ops, logs show 04:05 and 04:18 heartbeat timeouts
[2018/01/19 04:49:17 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-GV, correct. That were the last two I saw.
[2018/01/19 04:56:41 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-GV, so looks like HCR really likes these profiling legs. No gaps for 30 minutes by now
[2018/01/19 05:00:08 UTC] <ScottEllis-Boulder> Is that a gap at 04:50?
[2018/01/19 05:01:01 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> ScottEllis-Boulder, Looks like it. Let me check the log.
[2018/01/19 05:02:40 UTC] <ScottEllis-Boulder> And 04:57?
[2018/01/19 05:03:06 UTC] <Pei-ops> ScottEllis-Boulder, yes, yes....
[2018/01/19 05:03:16 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Max power latency over 5.5 seconds at 04:50. That's a long time.
[2018/01/19 05:10:02 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Not sure what happened at 04:57. There's nothing in the HcrMonitor or HcrPmc730 logs.
[2018/01/19 05:13:17 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-GV, Can we try to turn off HSRL's Rsync process and see if it helps?
[2018/01/19 05:13:52 UTC] <Pei-ops> Maybe the networking stuff can cause latency in the system and enough latency can finally trigger a gap?
[2018/01/19 05:13:53 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> I'll give it a try. Hang on.
[2018/01/19 05:16:26 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> HSRL rsync is currently disabled. Please remind me to re-enable in a while, though.
[2018/01/19 05:17:05 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Only ocean below
[2018/01/19 05:17:16 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> pointing zenith
[2018/01/19 05:19:01 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Dropping to 500 ft
[2018/01/19 05:22:50 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> level at 500 ft
[2018/01/19 05:32:03 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> 5:31:20 dropout
[2018/01/19 05:41:22 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> nadir pointing
[2018/01/19 05:42:49 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> 05:40 max power latency > 5 s
[2018/01/19 05:43:38 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> starting sawtooths
[2018/01/19 05:43:49 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> descending through cloud
[2018/01/19 05:45:55 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> climbed up, and now headed down again
[2018/01/19 05:46:50 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> ascending
[2018/01/19 05:48:19 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> descending
[2018/01/19 05:50:51 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Pei-ops, should I start rsyncing from HSRL again?
[2018/01/19 05:50:57 UTC] <jemmett-OPS> coming up on the ship
[2018/01/19 05:51:12 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-GV, I think so...
[2018/01/19 05:51:35 UTC] <Pei-ops> Hopefully it won't cause any problem plugging it back in.
[2018/01/19 05:54:39 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Pei-ops, I'm not thinking of plugging the disk in again (yet). I'd just like to let HSRL rsync its data over to our archiver again.
[2018/01/19 05:55:06 UTC] <Pei-ops> ChrisBurghart-GV, Ah! right. 
[2018/01/19 05:55:25 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Flying level for in-cloud pass next to the ship
[2018/01/19 05:56:52 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> more sawtooths now
[2018/01/19 05:56:55 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> climbing
[2018/01/19 05:58:24 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> descending
[2018/01/19 06:00:00 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> zenith
[2018/01/19 06:00:00 UTC] <Pei-iPhone_> ChrisBurghart-GV: mentioned to PI about the radar dead zone issue. He will add that to the lessons learned and change for RF03
[2018/01/19 06:02:24 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> nadir
[2018/01/19 06:04:19 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> previous "nadir" and "zenith" are pointing directions, not top or bottom of sawtooth
[2018/01/19 06:04:38 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> pointing zenith
[2018/01/19 06:06:17 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> pointing nadir
[2018/01/19 06:07:53 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> pointing zenith
[2018/01/19 06:08:53 UTC] <Pei-iPhone_> ChrisBurghart-GV: I think there are more than one cause to the drop one, one shows on Hmc730 log and one doesn’t
[2018/01/19 06:09:46 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> pointing nadir
[2018/01/19 06:11:24 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> pointing zenith
[2018/01/19 06:15:37 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> pointing nadir
[2018/01/19 06:18:29 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> pointing zenith
[2018/01/19 06:20:30 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Pei-iPhone_, That's correct. The heartbeat timeouts show up in HcrPmc730's log, and max power latency issues are in HcrMonitor's log
[2018/01/19 06:23:51 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> switched to zenith 6:22:30, forgot to note switch to nadir before that
[2018/01/19 06:24:18 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> pointing nadir
[2018/01/19 06:25:39 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> pointing zenith
[2018/01/19 06:27:18 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> pointing nadir
[2018/01/19 06:28:45 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> pointing zenith
[2018/01/19 06:30:20 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> pointing nadir
[2018/01/19 06:31:18 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> 06:30:45 dropout?
[2018/01/19 06:31:50 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> pointing zenith
[2018/01/19 06:33:31 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> pointing zenith
[2018/01/19 06:33:57 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> might have missed a nadir pointing note before
[2018/01/19 06:34:21 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Climbing out for return
[2018/01/19 06:34:39 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> pointing nadir
[2018/01/19 06:44:09 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> re-enabled HSRL rsync to HCR archiver, will start again at 06:45
[2018/01/19 06:44:52 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> hcrdrx still has zero dropped pulses
[2018/01/19 06:45:44 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> 5s dropout at 06:45:30
[2018/01/19 06:46:28 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> surface Vr's are still hovering nicely around zero
[2018/01/19 06:50:52 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> plugged in HCR41 again
[2018/01/19 06:51:37 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> start noise source cal
[2018/01/19 07:02:26 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> noise source cal done
[2018/01/19 07:02:32 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> txV mode
[2018/01/19 07:03:13 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Pei-iPhone, do you mind if I stop hcrdrx to give a chance of HCR41 getting caught up some?
[2018/01/19 07:04:28 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> Not that it will make that much difference. I don't think there's enough time to catch up anyway.
[2018/01/19 07:08:19 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> stopping hcrdrx
[2018/01/19 07:16:18 UTC] <Pei-iPhone> ChrisBurghart-GV: that’s no problem
[2018/01/19 07:32:28 UTC] <ChrisBurghart-GV> turned for final approach, cleared to land