Science at EOL Design notes

Science/Engineering web page


Purpose: increase visibilty of EOL scients


Set up environment


  • Goals & general description

    • general schedule

    • relevant publications: how is science group relevant to overall NCAR strat plan

    • who are the scientists in EOL, what are their areas of expertised

  • Visitor funds (howo they work)

  • affiliate scientists

    • two right now

  • link to seminars

  • !! current highilghts

    • submitted proposals (ORCAS)

    • LTI poroposals perhaps

    • submitted abstracts (for publication)

    • new (technical developments

      • CENTNET

      • LAMS

      • LTI

      • water vapor lidar

    • Strategic Plan drivers

      • link to NCAR/EOL strat plan


Persnaol prfiles

link to staff directory

link to opensky


Highlight Tammy as lead PI for pecan

(ORCAS & Brit Stephens if it gets funded)