S-Pol PECAN Panorama

Two representations of the S-Pol panorama for PECAN are presented: this page, and a wide-format page (from the EOL classic HTML pages).  Images included in this panorama were taken from the S-Pol pedestal catwalk using a tripod.  Camera height was about 3 meters below the center of the radar dish.  For the full horizon panorama, indicated positions are accurate to about one-third of a degree, horizontally ( 1 degree = 129.23 pixels); the relative position/elevation of the horizon is not necessarily correct, as the tripod had to be moved around the pedestal, and the built-in bubble level was not particularly accurate.

The panoramic image was stitched together using GIMP.  Overlapping images were not blended, as it might be good to see where the discontinuities are.  Azimuths to features were determined using Google Earth and the known location of the radar.  Positions were checked using radar data, and radar ranging agreed with Google Earth location.

Panorama Gallery:

(download this wide image; size is about 9.8 MB)