PECAN S-Pol Participants

This is meant to be a comprehensive list of only those individuals who were present at S-PolKa during PECAN. A more comprehensive Project List may be found at the PECAN Home Page.


  • Yanping Li, University of Saskatchewan

NCAR PECAN Project Staff

  • John Hubbert, Field Project Support
  • Jim Moore, Field Project Support
  • Rita Roberts, S-Pol PI
  • Alison Rockwell, EOL Education and Outreach
  • Vidal Salazar, EOL Project Management Office
  • Greg Stossmeister, Field Catalog and Data Management


NCAR S-Pol Support Staff

  • Jeff Bobka, Logistics and Set-up
  • David Bodine, ASP post-doc
  • Rit Carbone, Radar Scientist
  • Mike Dixon, Lead Software Engineer
  • Maureen Donovan, Facility Administrator
  • Scott Ellis, Radar Science and Project Management
  • Jonathan Emmett, Radar Technician
  • Richard Erickson, Radar Technician and Operator
  • John Hubbert, Radar Science
  • Tammy Kepple, Facility Administrative Assistant
  • Kurt Knudson, Technician and S-Pol Set-up
  • WenChau Lee, Radar Science and Facility Manager
  • Lucas Lovell, Radar Technician and Operator
  • Eric Loew, Radar Engineer
  • Chris Mahan, NCAR/EOL/DFS for S-Pol Set-up
  • Al Phinney, Radar Technician and Operator
  • Bob Rilling, Radar Data Management and Science Support
  • Brooks Snyder, Radar Data Management Support 
  • Joe VanAndel, Software Engineer
  • Kristy Weber, Student Assistant
  • Tammy Weckwerth, S-Pol PI
  • Jim Wilson, S-Pol PI


S-Pol Contracted Support

  • Bob Bowie, Radar Engineer and Operator

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