Internal Tools

Contact: Greg Stossmeister -

As part of overall EOL plans for gathering metrics related to publications, the DMS uses EMDAC to track which organizations are accessing our data. These metrics are acquired through automated mechanisms and then included in EOL metrics reports to provide comprehensive information about the use and distribution of our datasets.

Web Services:
Contact: Greg Stossmeister -

Dataset Tracking:
Contact: Linda Cully -

The Data Tracking System (DTS) is the primary tool used by the DMS Data Management Group (DMS/DMG) to monitor a dataset's life cycle. This tool is used to manage and maintain detailed information for hundreds of datasets for past and present projects. Information about a dataset's status such as ingest, processing, software, metadata, version, and archival are included in the DTS. At any time, a user can also access this information to determine the status of either a single network dataset or a multi-network composite.

Maintenance (GUImaint):
Contact: Don Stott -

GUImaint, the primary interface to the EOL's metadata database, frees the user from the command line and displays the database records in a familiar graphical interface. The user can quickly jump from table to table within the database and maintain the database by creating, updating and deleting records. Although powerful, it limits actions to the records being viewed, putting a check on unintentional changes. It's design will allow interfacing with the data tracking tools at a future time.