GEO‐WIND‐HWS 2 Deployments

All students from the upper-level classes and those who were interested in deploying with the DOW from the introductory classes participated in a one-hour training session between 20 February and 22 February. These students met with DOW technicians, Traeger Meyer and Alicia Gilliland, in small groups of 1–3 students. These training sessions introduced students to the basic procedure to operate the DOW radar and prepared each student for participation in DOW deployments.

Table 1: DOW deployment dates.

Date Deployment Type # of HWS Student
# of Attendees
for outreach Events
20 February 2015 Outreach 4 80
22 February 2015 Outreach 5 75
25 February 2015 Outreach 4 50
27 February 2015 Outreach 3 120
28 February 2015 Outreach 6 150
1 March 2015 Operations 10 n/a
2 March 2015 Outreach 9 70
3 March 2015 Operations 7 n/a
6 March 2015 Outreach 3 300
7 March 2015 Outreach 0 150
  Totals 51 995


Deployment #1 - 20 February 2015:
This day featured the first DOW outreach activity. Professor Laird gave a “Friday Faculty Lunch” talk about weather radars, the DOW radar, and the OWLeS field project. Approximately 75 faculty colleagues and administrative staff at HWS attended. Afterwards, faculty and students were invited out to the DOW. Approximately 80 people visited the DOW. A photo from this outreach event is shown below. [Please note: All photos are courtesy of Hobart and William Smith Colleges.]

Deployment #2 - 22 February 2015:
For this outreach activity, the DOW traveled to the Ithaca Sciencenter. Approximately 75 people toured the DOW during the three hours it was stationed outside of the museum. HWS students also launched a weather balloon during the deployment to show visitors another way in which meteorologists collect atmospheric data.

Deployment #3 - 25 February 2015:
The DOW was parked near the center quad of the HWS campus on this day as students from Professor Metz’s Introduction to Meteorology class completed radar-related lab activities and toured the radar. In addition, a number of HWS students and staff stopped by the DOW and were given impromptu tours by the DOW radar technicians and upper-level GEO students. Photos from this event are shown below.

Deployment #4 - 27 February 2015:
During this outreach event, the DOW visited Midlakes (Phelps–Clifton Springs) High School. Five separate science classes (~120 students) toured the DOW radar and had opportunity to view the outreach posters to discuss severe weather and weather radars. In addition, HWS faculty and student participants provided a brief question and answer session with the Midlakes students lasting about 15–20 minutes per class.

Deployment #5 - 28 February 2015:
The next outreach event featured a visit to the Rochester Museum and Science Center from 10AM – 4PM. Approximately 150 people visited the DOW radar and viewed the outreach banners.

Deployment #6 -1 March 2015:
The first operations period came eight days after the beginning of GEOWIND-HWS-II. The first week of the project featured extremely quiescent weather conditions. On this day, a surface low-pressure system passed to the south of Geneva and the radar was able to sample warm-advection snow at a deployment location just south of Geneva. Students were deployed in the field for over 10 hours collecting data with various scanning strategies.

Deployment #7 - 2 March 2015:
This outreach event was held at the studios of WROC-TV (CBS-8) in Rochester, NY. The DOW, HWS faculty, and students were featured repeatedly in live segments on the 5, 530, and 6 PM newscasts. Broadcast meteorologists Scott Hetsko and Matt Jones interviewed Professor Metz and student Macy Howarth live on the air. In addition, approximately 70 community members toured the DOW truck in between live shots. Photos from this event are shown below.


A portion of the footage from the WROC-TV visit can be found at the following link:

Deployment #8 - 3 March 2015:
The final data collection deployment of the GEO-WIND–HWS-II project occurred to the south of Geneva as the dual-polarization radar sampled an area of mixed-phase precipitation associated with a slow-moving extratropical cyclone. Data was collected during intermittent periods of snow, sleet, and rain with pronounced mesoscale bands in the precipitation with observation of low-level convergence. 

Deployment #9 - 6 March 2015:
The DOW, along with Professor Laird and three students traveled to Burnt 7Hills–Ballston Lake High School in eastern New York. This outreach activity featured discussions with almost 300 students for three hours during the morning along with a discussion that centered on many of the outreach posters and additional meteorological instrumentation, such as tornado pods and mobile rawinsonde systems.

Deployment #10 - 7 March 2015:
The final outreach activity took place at the 40th Northeastern Storm Conference in Saratoga Springs, NY. During breaks in the conference, participants were invited to tour the DOW. The conference has around 400 participants, of which, about 150 toured the DOW facilities.