FRAPPE C-130 Documentation Summary

Letter from the Project Manager: Lou Lussier

The RAF documentation summary contains the final documentation for the airborne measurements obtained from the NSF/NCAR Research Aviation Facility (RAF) aircraft... (read more)

Data Logs

•Raw Aircraft (ADS) Data Summary (internal users only)

Output Data Format

Example Production Output netCDF File Header (Low Rate)
Example Production Output netCDF File Header (High Rate)


Project Managers' Data Quality Report
    •Section I:   General Discussion
    •Section II:  Flight-by-Flight Summary
    •Section III: Calibrations for RAF Instruments

    •Section IV: Categorized RAF Variable List

QCF in Recent C-130 Projects
Suggestions regarding FRAPPE processing for wind and pressure
Movie documentation
•Research Flight Reports


Research Instrumentation

•RAF-Supplied Aircraft Instrumentation List

RAF Bulletins

RAF Bulletin No. 9 Standard Output Data Products
RAF Bulletin No. 23 Measurement Techniques: Air Motion Sensing
RAF Bulletin No. 24 Airborne Measurements for Cloud Microphysics
RAF Bulletin No. 25 Passive Broadband and Spectral Radiometric Measurements Available on NCAR/NSF Research Aircraft

 Project Support Information

RAF Software Product Guide