A key mission of ERAU C-BREESE 2.0 was to perform outreach to the local community, including K–12 students. The goals of the outreach were to: 1) increase awareness of mobile observation technology and NSF educational deployments, 2) expose students to field research and instrumentation, and 3) increase the visibility of the ERAU Meteorology Program. We had three main outreach events over the course of the deployment:

  • K–12 science summer camps on the ERAU campus
  • Local TV news interview during IOP 2 and subsequent special report
  • Open house at local Walmart parking lot

Each summer, ERAU hosts K–12 summer camps for local students. On 12 July 2018, a few dozen students toured DOW-7 on the ERAU campus. Figure 5 shows photos from this outreach event, during which ERAU CBREESE 2.0 students explained DOW technology with the help of sample animations from previous CSWR tornado and hurricane field observation campaigns.

Figure 5: Photographs of ERAU C-BREESE 2.0 students hosting a DOW outreach event for K– 12 summer camps on the ERAU campus on 12 July 2018.


During IOP 2, a television film crew and meteorologist Maureen McCann from News 13 Orlando followed the ERAU CBREESE 2.0 team to Tampa Bay, which resulted in a five-minute special report that aired across Central Florida in mid-July 2018. Both PIs and students were shown in the report, and footage from GoPro cameras in the MM was aired. This report provided great exposure for the NSF/LAOF educational deployment program and ERAU Meteorology. The full broadcast report can be viewed at the following link:

Overall, we directly reached more than 50 people during the course of the deployment. However, this number does not include the indirect reach of the special TV report, as News 13 is viewed in millions of homes across the Orlando media market.