EOL Science Goals and General Description



The EOL Science Group consists of approximately 30 members including associate scientists, project scientists, research engineers, scientists and visiting scientists, from each facility within EOL.  Members and a brief description of their interests are listed on the EOL Scientists page. The primary motivation of this group is to ensure that scientists at all levels are kept informed of current developments within the division, and work together to make a positive contribution to the lab.  We also aim to promote interaction between staff members and to improve communication between scientists in different facilities.

The EOL Science Group meets once a month, on the 2nd Wednesday.  The meetings typically start at 9:30 and last one hour.

Some tasks regularly performed by the Science Group include providing recommendations to the management for distribution of scientific visitor funds, nomination of affiliate scientists, input to startegic plan, planning of a bi-annual Science Group retreat, and nomination of an outstanding EOL publication for  the annual NCAR achievement awards.  The Science Group has also been responsible for drafting documents regarding, mentoring, EOL Publication Policy and guidelines for internal sabbaticals.  In addition the group also maintains the EOL Publication highlights page.

The meetings are generally open to all.   If you would like to be added to the mailing list to be informed of upcoming meetings,  or if you wish to present an informal seminar to the group, please email the group chair (William Brown) wbrown@ucar.edu.