EOL Satellite Data Services

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EOL provides tools, access and expertise for satellite data processing. EOL/DMS has a dedicated server for satellite data processing. This server provides tools for image display, format conversion and a wide range of processing functions. Real-time access to GOES-East and -West data is provided along with near real-time access to MODIS, Himawari and METEOSAT (via ADDE). Both Terascan and McIDAS software packages are supported on the server. GOES (8-15) imager data is archived to NCAR's High Performance Storage System (HPSS) in Terascan format and is available from mid-1999. GOES-16 Data Archival in native netCDF format began in the Spring of 2017 and continues for all ABI and GLM datasets on HPSS. Other satellite data is obtained and archived, when appropriate, for specific field projects. These tools and services are used by staff to provide satellite data support for EOL-supported field projects.

For further information, contact:  Greg Stossmeister

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