EOL Community Software

Projects that routinely employ these software products include real-time data acquisition, signal processing, gate array embedded processing, operating system development, web technologies, data base application, graphics and visualization, inter-networking and data communications, and scientific applications programming.

Software Help Center

Many of the software tools developed for EOL observing system operation and data post processing are made available to all users, and can be obtained from the Software Help Center. Note that the Help Center contains entries for only a small subset of these packages.

Developed Software Packages

Lidar, Radar Open Software Environment (LROSE)

The core functionality developed by NCAR/EOL, LROSE is an NSF-backed project to develop common software for the LIDAR, RADAR and PROFILER community. It is based on collaborative, open source development.
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 Atmospheric Sounding Processing Environment (ASPEN)

A visualization and quality control of upsonde and dropsonde radiosonde soundings, this DMS developed software supports command line, batch and GUI based interfaces.
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NCAR In-Situ Data Acquisition Software (NIDAS)

Developed collaboratively with RAF and ISF software engineers, NIDAS is a DMS developed software package targeted as the primary data system for the NSF HIAPER, NCAR's Gulfstream V research aircraft.
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C++ version of solo radial data viewer. Includes xltrs3 data translation utility.
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A visualization package for real-time and post-deployment of aircraft observations.
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