EOL Administration

All of the EOL administrative staff are members of the EOL Directorate. The EOL Director has ultimate responsibility for all administrative functions and the EOL Assistant Director is responsible for providing oversight of daily administrative functions.

The EOL Lab Administrator is responsible for ensuring that all administrative needs are met and leads the team of Facility Administrators. The administrative needs for EOL include all aspects of budgeting, financial reporting, proposals, meeting/conference support, and field campaign support. 

Contact Information

Name Position Email Phone
Dr. Vanda Grubišić EOL Director grubisic@ucar.edu  
Brigitte Baeuerle EOL Assistant Director for Operations baeuerle@ucar.edu 303.497.2061
Sara Metz Lab Administrator smetz@ucar.edu 303.497.8166
Kathy Peczkowicz Administrator I (DIR) kathyp@ucar.edu 303.497.2021
Melissa Ward Executive Assistant to EOL Director mward@ucar.edu 303.497.8713
Amy Ballhaus (Honchar) Facility Administrator II (ISF, DMS) ahonchar@ucar.edu 303.497.8798
Maureen Donovan Facility Administrator II (RSF, DFS) mdonovan@ucar.edu 303.497.8678
Chrissy Fladung Facility Administrator II (RAF) cfladung@ucar.edu 303.497.2139
Katie Fowler Summerville Facility Admisitrator I (RAF) katies@ucar.edu 303.497.1030
Patti Kidd Administrative Assistant (ISF, DMS, CWIG) pkidd@ucar.edu 303.497.8175
Diane Sierra Administrative Assistant (RSF, DFS, PMO) dsierra@ucar.edu 303.497.8746
Aleta Baker Administrative Assistant/Receptionist (RAF) aletab@ucar.edu 303.497.1041