EOL is an end-to-end observational enterprise serving the global atmospheric research community and offering a full range of observing systems and services including program planning, operations, logistics, and post-project activities for both small and large field programs.


Deployable Facilities & Instruments

Facilities available for deployment include aircraft, radars, lidars, surface and sounding systems, and a range of other in-situ and remote sensing instrumentation.
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Project Planning & Management

EOL provides complex logistics support tailored to individual project needs. Services include project planning, arrangements for scientific and technical personnel and equipment, international relationships, permits and clearances, shipping and customs, contracts and leases, communications, security and safety issues, and financial services and local staffing.

EOL manages field deployment operations by providing essential staff, including engineers, technicians, project managers, pilots, operations directors, and aircraft coordinators. We facilitate the execution of your experimental plan so that the highest quality data sets are collected to meet the scientific goals of the experiment.
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EOL's work does not end with the completion of the field phase. Our staff work closely with the principal investigators to ensure their data needs are met and that data are quality controlled, processed, and archived. EOL also helps with organizing post-project meetings.
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