Below are definitions for the various data elements (gate, cell ray, sweep, volume etc.) and format components (block, descriptor, header, etc.).

  • Data Elements

    • Gate: A sampling element of the radar itself.
    • Cell: A data point recorded on the recording media. It can be a gate or an average of several gates.
    • Ray: A logical unit of data which contains all data cells (from a single "radar") taken during a single dwell time.
    • Sweep: A number of rays with similar characteristics, i.e. rays within a 360 degree rotation, PPI, or RHI.
    • Volume: A number of sweeps with similar characteristics.
  • Format Elements

    • Comment Block: Contains any number of ASCII characters describing or commenting on anything that the generator of the data set feels is appropriate.
    • Volume Descriptor: Contains a number of descriptors to define the characteristic of the instrumentation(s) and the corresponding parameters.
    • Sensor Descriptor: Contains information defining the particular sensor and its operational parameters.
    • Parameter Descriptor: Contains information describing each parameter.
    • Correction Factor Descriptor: Contains the correction factors needed to be applied to various parameters before using them.
    • Cell Range Vector: Contains the distance from the radar to the center of each recorded data cell.
    • Sweep Info Block: Contains information unique to this sweep.
    • Data Ray: Contains information and data of a ray.
    • Ray Info Block: Contains unique information about this ray.
    • Platform Info Block: Contains the navigation information for this ray.
    • Parameter Data Block: Contains the actual data for a single parameter corresponding to those described in the parameter descriptor.