Data Management and Services Facility

The Data Management & Services Facility creates and manages web applications, databases, and other tools to allow people to work together.

The EOL/DMS Facility is composed of associate scientists and software engineers specializing in the technologies that allow people and systems to exchange data, metadata, data products, and other information in support of scientific research.


Developed and Supported Software

EOL Metadata Database and Cyberinfrastructure (EMDAC)

EMDAC is a comprehensive metadata database and integrated cyberinfrastructure that will be the hub of all EOL data services. Through EMDAC, DMS creates bridges to multi-agency data portals, creating compatible metadata and data access infrastructure which connects EOL to the common services of today while allowing us to meet future needs through a modular and extensible architecture. 
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Field Catalog

The EOL field catalog is a suite of tools that provide support for the documentation of observational field project operations, mission planning, cross-project collaboration, real-time situational awareness, communication with and direction of remote instrument platforms and post operations product review and playback.
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Catalog Maps

This tool allows users to overlay image products and kmls in a GIS interface for real-time decision-making in a field campaign or for playback and case study review.
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Codiac is the web interface to EOL Data Holdings. This application allows users to view project and dataset metadata and order datasets for download. For some datasets, this tool provides subsetting and previewing of the data as well.
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Satellite Query Tool

The sattelite query provides a web interface to our GOES satellite archive holdings on the NCAR HPSS System. A full and ongoing archive of all imagery data from GOES-East and -West satellites has been collected since 1999. It allows users to browse the archive inventory via a web browser and uses relevant metadata such as scan mode, scan time, sector, file size and directory path to help the user narrow their search. The tool also allows users to order data files for pickup via anonymous ftp.
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For more information about DMS - Data Management and Services please contact Greg Stossmeister.