Core displays

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Tue, Apr 13 2021


Developing high-quality data visualization tools is one of the most time-consuming aspects of radar software.

It is anticipated that many researchers will use high-level tools such as Matlab and Python for data visualization. However, it is considered necessary that the core should provide a certain level of display functionality.

The following displays will form part of the core suite.

Core suite displays
Name Description Work to be performed Estimated
solo3 Viewer and editor for radial data Upgrade GUI toolkit.
Add native CfRadial support.
Bug fixes.
Improve documentation
Jazz Java-based web-enabled viewer for integrating radar and other data sets into a single display Major enhancements 70
CIDD Legacy C++ verison of Jazz (will be replaced by Jazz) Bug fixes 95
V-CHILL Java-based viewer for radial data Provide support for VCHILL by developing a suitable server for CfRadial data 25
IDV UNIDATA Integrated Data Viewer Add support for CfRadial and profiler observations 90
Wind profiler spectra and correlation display Extend interoperability 75
Xprof IDL-based wind profiler plotting package Upgrade and improve maintainability 50
Emerald Matlab-based version of solo3 Design and development 30
PySolo Python-based version of solo3 Design and development 40