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An NCAR/MMM supported mesoscale data analysis program that processes datasets on regular Cartesian and longitude-latitude grids. The analysis options include many numerical operations such as algebraic, filtering, and Doppler radar wind synthesis, both ground-based and airborne, as well as graphical operations. Several REMAPpings (interpolations) are possible: XYE --> XYZ, LLE--> LLZ, XYE <--> LLE, and XYZ <--> LLZ, where XY (LL) is a regular Cartesian (longitude-latitude) grid. Z (E) refers to a constant height (elevation angle) surface. CEDRIC uses its own self-describing, binary format as well as the network Common Data Format (netCDF) that was developed by NASA and UCAR's UNIDATA. CEDRIC can ingest Mudras data (pure format) from Reorder or Sprint interpolation software. The synthesized data can be saved in Mudras or Netcdf format for further processing. Graphical output is saved as gmeta file and can be viewed using NCAR IDT software. Please refer to the CEDRIC documentation for further information.