Annual Reports

EOL has produced an online annual report on its research and outreach achievements since 1994. At first called the Annual Scientific Report (ASR), and beginning in 2006 changed to the Laboratory Annual Report (LAR), links to all the reports can be found below.

Laboratory Annual Reports (LAR)

The 2019 LAR

The 2018 LAR

The 2017 LAR

The 2016 LAR

The 2015 LAR

The 2014 LAR 

The 2013 LAR

The 2012 LAR

The 2011 LAR

The 2010 LAR

The 2009 LAR

The 2008 LAR

The 2007 LAR

The 2006 LAR

Previous Annual Scientific Reports (ASR)

The 2004 ASR

The 2003 ASR

The 2002 ASR

The 2001 ASR

The 2000 ASR

The 1999 ASR

The 1998 ASR

The 1997 ASR

The 1996 ASR

The 1995 ASR

The 1994 ASR

NCAR Annual Report (NAR)

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For Staff

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