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RAF Weather        Broomfield, CO

This weather station is on top of the RAF hangar to measure wind loading conditions. Do not rely on it to assess the weather, and it cannot be used to verify or replace official weather observations.

The following weather conditions were observed at the NCAR Research Aviation Facility at the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport:

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Status: Operational.
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(Apr 26 2018, 09:27) Minimum Maximum
Temperature 7.5°C 4.2°C @ 09:25 18.3°C @ 16:50
Dewpoint -3.2°C -10.3°C @ 18:45 -1.7°C @ 10:45
Humidity 47% 14% @ 18:45 60% @ 09:30
Pressure 832 hPa 824 hPa @ 23:30 833 hPa @ 09:25
Aeronautical 1048 hPa 1039 hPa @ 23:30 1050 hPa @ 09:25
Wind Speed 6.3 m/s 0.9 m/s @ 13:35 11.6 m/s @ 04:10
Peak Gust 10.6 m/s 1.9 m/s @ 00:30 16.7 m/s @ 03:50
Wind Chill -1.2°C -4.8°C @ 09:00 18.3°C @ 16:50
Wind Dir 356° (from the N)
Rain 0.0 mm

The value -99.9 represents invalid or missing data.

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The realtime information is updated every five minutes. Weekly plots are generated just after noon and midnight (local) every day, while monthly plots are only generated just after midnight (local).

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