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Hello there. I'm a Scientist I in NCAR/ATD. One of my primary duties is to go into the field with PI's and try to help them collect the best possible datasets with our instruments. I also try to do some research using data from all instruments I can get my hands on: radars, lidars, soundings, wind profilers, cloud photographs, aircraft data, satellite imagery and surface stations. I'm interested in mesoscale meteorology, more specifically in organized structures within the boundary layer (e.g., horizontal convective rolls) and in the relationship between the boundary layer and the initiation of thunderstorms.

I have no clue as to how to create links at this point so there's not much to look at here right now. Check back some other time, if you'd like. Please feel free to e-mail me, or phone (see my address by clicking on my name, below).


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Tammy Weckwerth, NCAR Remote Sensing Facility

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